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Nations at War

The Solarstates of the Badu Reminant and of the Jolie Empire were two nations at war; for stature, triumphant dominance, aesthetic ingenuity and pure power. They constructed massive universities and academies to train their clergy and sponsored an army to police their campaigns of supremacy. Although very similar in objectives, they were not alike at all.

The highest religious authority of the Reminant was Isiessiess Ionis, a strict heiress of military berth that governed over the ministries with metaphysical power and strength. Bronzened in complexion and very aesthetically gifted, she was extremely atheletic and practiced an ancient form of achupaudics (or martial arts) routinely.

Her opposing heiress of the Empire was Persephone' Europia, a very beautiful and seductive leader who's ministry converted most of the charted galaxy unto the covent. Bright in complexion, she also is very talented and physically endowed with a strong charisma and knowledge of metaphysics.


The Reminant and the Empire had been in contest over the solarstate's title, thus the Eathis could only be from one or the other. The Covents had each elected their chosen one to sit as the Eathis, yet the decision would not be recognized by the other until a decisive blow had been delivered. In deep space, the two systems warred for mineral rights and techmining yards; a battle which lingered for countless sessions of their resolutions. In worldly matters, the two systems fought ground wars and airstrikes to engage each other's commands. The ministries stood waiting before a final oracle was passed down.

Dynamics of Proof

As the higher houses of the two systems decreed, every solar year of their galaxy's prominent star system a contest would be tried and the proving grounds filled with the elite from both sides. At the proving grounds, enormous beasts of the Zyragon genius would be prepared to battle on a remote island of a small moon named Levianclacades; named after an ancient Zyragon that reigned for 1000 years.

A short time after the Zyragon battles, the ministries imposed a mandatory ceremony for both of the Eathis in wait; this ceremony entailed an elaborate ball and gathering of every dignitary from all of the combined planets and fleets in the galaxy. The Common Orders practiced the belief that this union would ratify the two forces of nature, from one end of the galaxy to the other until all things were accounted. This ceremony in essence mimiced the Soicumonova; the universal principle of physics in which all things exists, thus the namesake of the ceremonies.

Orders of the Phorsis

Orthodox covents prescribe unto their Phorsis; a large sistial magistrat of religious houses or Common Orders. These orders were an intergral part of both systems, so establishing an imaginary line of consensus between them. The Phorsis also were in a religious and spiritual war, yet their constraints were less visible than the scars of the military.

Sadeic Poster 1.0

A Badu Temple poster.

The Badu Reminant was an ancient civilization with riches and technology far superior than its neighboring statehoods. Their armies were skilled in space fighting and their ground forces were stealth in nature. Yet, the religious sects of the Reminant were in an exodus to fulfill their most sacred prophecies. They were deep adherents of the ancient Sunders (Solveig Black Pulse) and followed their dominion covents Senior Madres with passion and conviction.

The Jolie Empire began as a commodation to its senior most military officers, who in turn committed the entire empire over to the covents. Strong in space and worldly combat, they began a crusade across many worlds; creating compacts with civilized governments and supporting their ministry of aesthetics with the treasures from all of the empire. They were embedded followers of the Prails (Solveig White Pulse) and belived that the universe would become as one magistrat under the Empire.

Below is table of the Common Orders in which both the Reminant and the Empire keep.

Spiritual Order Type of Order
The Siron Order Warners, emphasis on verses highlighting dispute or conflict
The Trion Order Scouts, sent into different terraforms as missionaries
The Aeon Order Seers, studies empire-building and governance
The Crayon Order Terrafomists, also focuses on rearing and nursing clones at infirmaries
The Yenon Order Teachers, emphasis on disciplines, regulations and ruling prinicples
The Bathon Order Baptismals, develops beautification and hygene practice for colonists and travelers
The Robeon Order Nurses, studies human form, anatomy and consenuality practices
The Actoron Order Advocates, emphasis in reform, remittance and culture development
The Nilon Order Adherents of the word, followers of the secular text
The Dialon Order Ambassadors, sent to minister to foreign solarstates and powers
The Otanon Order Disciplinarians, protestant of covent rules and consensus
The Norton Order Sacrificial, given over to the covent as orphans
The Salon Order Ascensionist, emphasis on erect posture and virtues
The Talcon Order Radical Thinkers, liberal-minded cedes
The Aemon-Pebbles Order Anti-Colonial, pro-space and fleet authoritarians
The Pageon Order Bookmakers, writers and scroll-bearers of the scripts
The Lanon Order Fasters, emphasis on scheduled abstanance and fasts
The Eon Order Secret order of the covent, mostly higher level members
The Sermon Order Mother of Mothers, behovents of the sisterhood spirit

Both Prail & Sunder orders follow these covent denominations, ascending up to the highest spiritual plane of virtue by completing assignments of ministry onboard vessels and terraforms across the galaxy.

Diplomatic Constraints

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