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New Superhero Sites

  1. [1]Heromorph
  2. [2]The Museum of Black Superheros
  3. [3]Drawn- The Illustration & Cartoon Blog
  4. [4]Hypercomics- The Preimer Online Comic Book Society
  5. [5]Artoxica
  6. [6]Digital Intoxiction
  7. [7]My Comicbook Creator

Official Comic Book Sites

Dealers & Collectors

Newstands, Online Magazines & Subscriptions

Arts & 3D Graphics Schools

  1. DeVry College|[8]
  2. Fullsail|[9]
  3. The Art Institute Online|[10]

References, Sci-Fi & Superhero Encylopedias

Big Studio Sites

Recent events

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Land O' Lakes Updates

  1. Wikipedia References|[11]
  2. Official Consumer Page|[12]
  3. Company Facts & Product Information|[13]
  4. Look-A-Likes & Impersonators|
  5. Parodies & Nostalgia|[14]

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