This page is designated for The Eldest Dreignial Cartouche; its intent is to serve as an outline for generating articles and submissions on the Cartouche and its presence within the religious orders of SuperWikia.

The Cartouche and its Dreigns

The Eldest Dreignial Cartouche of the Old World was a body of adherents stated to be called before Habatchii and who followed his teachings accordingly. Ancient text documenting the Cartouche and its ministry was kept by various parties therein and certain teachings of Habatchii are also kept within its materials. The Cartouche are credited as being the original architects of the The Hiatus, as duly noted in their ancient scripts foretelling the end of the world. Known as The 1st Thret of the Old World, the Dreigns exercised an extensive preparation plan to prepare them for the New World; a promised land to free their followers from sufferage and corruption. These are their stories:


Elder Dreign 'Andrewmagne ' Dreign Andrewmagne was one of the first Dreigns to ascend from the old world to the new world, as all of the Eldest Dreignial Cartouche understudies did. Being a member of the Cartouche Thret, he followed Habatchii's teachings while he was on Earth and helped establish his ministry by preparing able-bodied men for the long journey. Andrewmagne became a very powerful leader, controlling his dominion with authority and great numbers; all which also became part of the Cartouche's foundation for space.


150px Dreign Bartholomewmagne is known as being the Dreign of Dominions. He is mostly attributed to the commissioning of the economic systems for the Ancient Tradepools of the Old World Order. His systems included an ancient version of the transcribe system and the taxfree healthcare/communications assurance plan for his seat within the Cartouche.


150px Dreign Jamesmagne is best known as a strategist; using subversion to support the Cartouche's crusades. Using the mapping and encylopedic skills of Dreign Matthewmagne, Jamesmagne provided tactical and strategic training for the Cartouche's missions and paved the way for all of their ministries.


150px Dreign Johnmagne; the Diplomat. Dreign Johnmagne visited each of the lands and governments that the Cartouche had arranged to unify under its ministries and was known as the Dreign Ambassador of the Cartouche, encouraging leaders great and small to remit a seat within the assembly.









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