Amdamagne- This page is designated for the Doctorate at Space; 'Amdamagne', (pronounced: Amda + Mange; as in Manga). Its intent is to provide information into the biographical background and properspective of the character and their continued contributions of science unto the SuperWikia collective.

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Dreign Amdamagne (Doctorate at Space)
Amdamagne; a prodigy of Prolymagne who led a revolt against the proxeums and formed ''The Order of the Slates'; a secret society of Dreigns that plotted a second ambush to intercept the reincarnation of Habatchii. Around 2,500 years before the new birth was to occur, Prolymange taught of a new discipline that would become a great influence over the theatre. Approximately 2,500 years later, Amdamagnes Order of the Slates began their ministry of strategic technology and advanced astrophysics; which ultimately led to the emergence of the Uninet Slate System.

His theatre transmigrated to Milky Way 19 or Armidor 19; of the Ancient Cloud, and observed from deep space the acumen planet named Earth; the very same location in which Habatchii was scheduled to be declassified.

  • The Threts

The Threts of Amdamagne taught a sheer technological discipline of advanced intelligence. His adherent military forces delegated their power unto The Slates; which originally opposed Prolymagne's Quoille but eventually became one governance.

  • The Ancient Cloud

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