Bernice Northbridge Papels- This page is designated for the Doctorate at Space; 'Bernice Northbridge Papels'. Its intent is to provide information into the biographical background and properspective of the character and their continued contributions of science unto the SuperWikia collective.

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Bernice Northbridge Papels; a writer and bureaucrat who taught Astroneurology during The Electrovirus outbreak. Her reserach into Neuralyte Molecular Lineaging (NML) or (NML) generated the antedote for the virus. System Tapestry Authority (STA) sponsored her research and commissioned her as being the STA' highest authority on astroneurology.

Research & Significance:Edit

Papels launched two opposing yet complimenting research projects, both under the Electrophyte Convention The Insolvegynus Bactum Conference & The Insolvetagynus Bactum Conference. These conferences were the foundation of the end of the Electrovirus epidemic and of which produced other cures to known diseases and physiological defects.

Advances & Other ContributionsEdit

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