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Prolymagne (Doctorate at Space)
Prolymagne; an ancient of the Astacyian Order who taught the 'Threts' of the Dreigns while Habatchii was being reincarnated. Prolymagne practiced many different sciences; mechanical, chemical and electrical and exposed his young audience to his teachings with force and authority. His name has been established amongst the proxeums and guilds as being a distinction of honor, using only the suffix magne (pronounced: Mange; as in Manga), the proxy would adopt the honor by affixing the suffix unto their own name (exp: Lincolnmagne or Montanamagne). This honor is only observed by the male population of the the societies which are considered adherents to the teaching of Habatchii.

His theatre was located in Milky Way 19 or Armidor 19; one of the newly formed galaxies of the Ancient Cloud, on an acumen planet named Earth; the very same location in which Habatchii died. In his academy, he would teach sciences, earth sciences, logistics, physics, astronomy, technology and social administration.

  • The Threts

The Threts are very large, war and military scientists, engineers, and entire schools of military leaders or Dreigns; a type of royal personage whom have recieved power and authority to govern over all other classes of peoples, countries and religions; all whom are held under solveig oath to perform during tourneys in alligence to their Prone's cause or proxeum. Prolymagne taught entire regimes of threts in the ways of Habatchii and paved the way for his return. He encouraged them to practice diplomacy and to delegate their leadership powers into what is known as the Quoille (pronounced Coil) or the formal rotundra of diplomatic and tourney process.

Military studies were always a part of Prolymagne's curicullum. Amassing armies of intelligent leaders was a mandated law made by his proxeum and the science of his teaching conformed verbatim.

  • The Ancient Cloud

Many ancient text stated and belived that the galaxy in which Prolymagne lived was once an advanced civilization of planets and other celestial bodies. The teaching goes on to state that a great space tsunamii came upon the galaxy and destroyed all things within it. This storm was known as the Megalaxus; a great prophetic rebirth and genesis of the galaxy. Prolymange mentioned the Megalaxus as a keynote dissertation thesis for all of his lectures and strongly defended the scientific explanation for its existence. The Ancient Cloud was Prolymagne's home and retreat, and the new genesis of Habatchii.

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