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Raphael Taximillion Cauldaron (also known as- Taximillion); an ancient of the Astacyian Order who taught the 'Threts' of the Dreigns the core knowledge of the elements and manipulating matter. His rise to proctorship peaked during the Deccarrian Era, while Habatchii was being reincarnated. Taximillion practiced under many different masks of sciences; mechanical, chemical and electrical and was commissioned by the Blacksmith Guild of the Dominions to ascend in the Thret Countance order as a Solveig Blacksmith. His name has been deified amongst the proxeums and guilds as being a genius of metals and ores, championing the proxeums and guilds with new ways to produce stronger and more precision metals. He became a Solveig Staplesmith while under the instruction of Doctorates at Space: 'Prolymagne'. This honor is only observed by the secular communities and adherents of the teaching of Habatchii.
  • The Threts

Military studies were always a part of Cauldaron's curicullum. Amassing armies of engineers and architects to be recognized as military leaders was a mandated law made by his proxeum and the science of his teaching conformed verbatim.

  • 'The Taximillion System

Taximillion taught a system of encrypted language used by his guilds called the Taximillion System; an alphabetical system of distinguishing and manipulating the physical properties and tandem weight of matter, especially metals. The system was based upon the Pentelebetic system of extantation and lightspeed traversation used by engineers today, which was passed on by the guilds during the Pre-Deccarrian era.

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Administrator of The Foundries

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