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Tontera Tinerrera; an ancient of the Tweep Republic Order who studied under Bartanya Simone within the proxeums of the Eurostines. Tontera fought along with Simone at Sisstacius during the ancient Battles of Publiss and helped to liberate the secretariats from the Europhines. Her studies eventually led her into political sciences where she was accepted by the Republic. Senator Tinerrera (see; SuperWikia Senator: Tontera Tinerrera) also studied aesthetics and was a very gifted athelete, attributes which helped her during the battles. Her interpretations within the Republic's Apocolypia created a tremendous following from the literary society and placed her high within the ranks of the Ancients.

Research & Significance:Edit

Advances & Other ContributionsEdit

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Character Name

Tontera Tinerrera
Base Title: 'Tontera Tinerrera'
Sex / Gender: Female
Ethinicity / Race: Latin American Procession / South Amercian/Mediterrainean Procession
Lead Order / Party: Pamazon Ascendant Magistrats-Proxeum / Republic
Physique / Health: Latin-Centurian Theologic; / Rio-Centurian Soldier; EXO
Active Level: N/A
Tentative Status: (Un-Available)
Setting / Location: Tweep Republic
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