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Dreigns are the chief and most admonished male model within a solveig-secularate governance. They generally are the the centermost model within their domainities and function with unprecedented authority. The Dreigns are reared from the Sudanary, meaning they have divine ordination to govern and may form new governments within their own domanities without contestation from the Sudanary or its emissaries.

Threts, Lands & the Cartouche'Edit

The Dreign is a member of a large body known as a Thret, a consortium of two or more Dreigns from different domainities. The Thret serves as a interpreter convention in instances in which translating becomes apparent. Threts may also serve as allied forces during trade envoys, tourneys or discord.

Ascension & Dreignial CeremoniesEdit

The Dreign's solveig-secularate rearing follows a structured course of ordination. As a Dreign ascends, they undergo a lifetime of conditioning, all of which follow the ascension paths.

These teachings; known as the Secularates were administered unto each adherent based upon their own election with emphasis on a broad assortment of metaphysical and astronautical courses; such as superestionization, atrocine and lessleptolism; of which must be mastered by the adherent before they could ascend within the Cartouche. Below is the prescribed path for all Sudanary ordained Dreigns to ascend within their own domainities;

  1. Seminnoculum- The most elementary pedigree path in which Secular Coronations are initially observed.
  2. Trinnoculum- The second pedigree path in which the Thret Decadence ministry is raised one power times three.
  3. Anteinnoculum- The third pedigree path in which the Advanced Coronations are observed.
  4. Preinnoculum- The fourth pedigree path in which Predivinities progress into interstacy.
  5. Lessorinnoculum- The fifth pedigree and first genius in which Levitations are indoctrinated.
  6. Endoinnoculum- The sixth pedigree and second genius of which the Exodus; the final deliberation begins.
  7. Suprainnoculum- The seventh and last pedigree and third and last genius in which all solveig titles of secular coronations are consumated.

Palatial Addresses & PrescriptionsEdit

A Dreign by decree makes addresses and tourneys of the sub-governments under its domainity; these are known as Palatial Addresses, orations and dictations of the state of the secularate and its diplomatic relations.

The Dreign also makes Prescriptions; administrative responses to the local governances and the Sudanary. Prescriptions generally are the executive moratoriums used to motivate party loyalty.

Legality Codes & GovernanceEdit

Estatements & BethrothalmentsEdit

In conformity with Sadeic text, a Dreign may be engaged and enter into bethrothalment with a female of stature, preferably from a sistialship under the Dreign's domainity. These berths may initiate an elaborate campaign to consummate the agreement between the secularate state and its sub-government.

The Dreign, by decree of the Sudanary is not guaranteed a successor or heir; instead their offspring are dubbed with the title of an Ovariot or Ovarious plural. These offspring are by law protected and receive diplomatic immunities, yet their lineage is not under countance of the Sudanary. For example, if a Dreign has a male child, the child is entitled to be known as an ovariot, but as the Dreign ascends, the child must be accepted by the Sudanary into its own path of Dreignship and enter into levitations. There is no limit to how many ovarious a Dreign can have.

(see also; Ovarious)

Secular Conformity & the QuoilleEdit

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