This page is designated for the SuperWikia 'Library Manager' application, a check system program for auditing and development of new features to be used on the SuperWikia site. Its intent is to server as a workshop for logic building and logic intergration in creating a more streamlined and consistant library of articles and article styles. It also establishes a basis management corelation for case by case studies, turn-around time, active and inactive inquiring processing, program automation and other general site management.

Ancilliary Value Definitions

This library covers the following types and classes of SuperWikia Logic;

Below is a general overview of the SuperWikia Logic components; their Ancilliary Values and the definitions in which they enforce;


  • SUPERCORPS are identified by their 'pentelebet' (the ~li sign) This establishes the page as being an authentic link to a registered Supercorp.
  1. exp: Aerospace-Lana Sands Genetics ~liSupercorp
    • SUPERCORP TICS DIVISORIES articles and posts (see; Divisory) are identified using the SuperWikia title, the Supercorp designator and the Divisory tagging.
  1. exp: Superwikia 'Supercorp Divisories; (Battery Component)- Roughdely-Doseavault'
  2. exp: Superwikia 'Supercorp Divisories; (Reserve Component)'
  3. exp: SuperWikia 'Supercorp Divisories; (Attribute Component)'
  4. exp: Superwikia 'Supercorp Divisories; (Negotiate Component)'
  5. exp: Superwikia 'Supercorp Divisories; (Divisory Component)'
  6. exp: Superwikia 'Supercorp Divisories; (Organization Component)'
  7. exp: Superwikia 'Supercorp Divisories; (Nomenclature Component)'

  • SEMICORPS & SEMICOMS are the embodiments of corporatii which immediately associate authenticated proxeums to the SuperWikia TICS. Semicoms (the proper usage) typically function as the short title for the divisory, providing more versatility in operations and giving stronger treadway in doing business within the SuperWikia Solosphere, TICS 9000, ArchCities , Planetarium and any other designated runtime environment.

For more information on Semicorps and Semicoms, go to the Ecobase

    • PRODUCTS should be designated according to SuperWikia Supercorp class. Such classification should include the wiki title SuperWikia, the supercorp listing Supercorp and the product class Product;
  1. exp: SuperWikia Supercorp Product; 'Selenium-Cesium Hypertrate Batteries'

  • SOLOSPHERE STREAMCASTERS Solosphere Streamcasters of 'Personal Media' streamwork systems and applications should be entered according to their classification and size.
  1. exp: Streamcaster: 'Beyond Kabuki' Streamworks

  • SOLOSPHERE SOLARCASTERS Solosphere Solarcasters should be entered very similar to streamcasters except for the classification change.
  1. exp: Solarcaster: 'Sonjanella Galaxy Solarcast Streamworks (SoGSS)'


  • TERRAFORMS or 'Planets' are identified by the all caps function. This creates a differential between terraform properties and other properties.
  1. exp: STA SUPER
    • NATIONS & PARTITIONS or 'Countries' are distinguished differently than the terraforms that they are on. They are not in all captial letters and should only be bold the first time they are entered in an article.
  1. exp: SuperWikia Nation: The United States or The United States (see also for full or modified listings; The United States of America or The United States of America.
      • Storyboards & Flagforms or map layouts and flag images should use the standardized example for images and exhibits which states the official name of the flag or image Secretariat Americaineus then listing the type of exhibit; (Storyboard).jpg or (Flagform).jpg.
  1. exp: Media:Secretariat Americaineus (Flagform).jpg
    • ARCHCITIES or 'Secretariats' should conform to the same style as its nation host,
  1. exp: SuperWikia Secretariats: Drawcure or Secretariat Drawcure (see also; SuperWikia Secretariats: Soluxii or City of Soluxii)
      • SECULAR & CAPITOL SECRETARIATS are illustrated differently than regular secretariats. These types of secretariats are registered as;


  1. exp: ArchCities Seculars & Capitols: Scorpidelphia

SECULAR: Offsite

  1. exp: ArchCities Secular Spacestations: Superioress Infirmary


  1. exp: ArchCities Capitols: 'Samariah Datum'


  1. exp: SuperWikia Capitol Spacestations: 'Solosphere Alpha'
    • GALACTIC ORGANIZATIZON DEVELOPMENT; (also known as a Galactic Nursery; generally the formation or polymerization of a new or merged galactic entity.)
  1. exp:SuperWikia Constallamary: 'Dartanya Galaxy'


  • ADVANCED TERMINOLOGY are distinguished from other text by means of the standard SuperWikia header, followed by the parenthesis phrase 'Advanced Terminology Index', semi colon and the term being registered by the index;
  1. exp: SuperWikia ‘Advanced Terminology Index’; Advancements


  • LESSON PLANS for Proxeum/Guild Sadeics and Bibles follow the same layout, starting with the header (Bible Wars), semi-colon the type of lesson (Bible Battle or Sadeic Battle), followed again by dash parenthesis ('Lesson Plan')
  1. exp: Bible Wars; Sadeic Battle- 'Lesson Plan'

  • PROXEUMS & GUILDS typically are the same filing classes, with the proper name of the group first, followed by a dash and either the word 'Proxeum', 'Guild' or both 'Proxeum/Guild';
  1. exp: ArchCities United States Delegation-Proxeum

  • ANCIENT TRIBES & CLANS should be recognized by the main SuperWikia class, the category 'Ancient Tribes', semicolon, the main tribe or clan name with a dash and the sub-tribe or supermodel representing them in parenthesis.
  1. exp: SuperWikia Ancient Tribes; Techazulu
  2. exp: SuperWikia Ancient Tribes; Techazulu- 'Ashantitecha'


  • EXTENDED ARTICLES and Chronicles for Processions or political parties are basically treated as regular articles. Simply use the Procession name, colon, the Party's name, dash and the Chapter Number of which you are entering;
  1. exp: SuperWikia Republics: The Tweep Republic-Chapter One

  • SERIALS (see; Serials) use a similar style as regular extended articles, except instead of using the chapter name or number, you should use the short name for the Catalog Title;
  1. exp: SuperWikia Republics: Sen. Ananda Testes; The SIS Escort Provision
  2. exp: SuperWikia Confederates: The Sarasoldjah Mandate

  • EPIDEMICS, TECHCRIMES & SUPER-CATASTROPHIES for security reasons should be documented based upon the instance in which it occurs. There are seven basic classes of Graphic Events which should be administered:
    • SuperWikia ‘Advanced Terminology Index’; Socio-Exploit
  1. exp:SuperWikia ‘Advanced Terminology Index’; Socio-Exploit- LESSLEPTOLISM
  2. exp:SuperWikia ‘Advanced Terminology Index’; Socio-Exploit- ANTEXENOCLOPSY
    • SuperWikia ‘Advanced Terminology Index’; Trade & Commerce Warchest Exploit
  1. exp:Trade & Commerce Warchest Exploit; STASIS PIRATES
    • SuperWikia ‘Advanced Terminology Index’; Assault Warchest Exploit
  1. exp:SuperWikia ‘Advanced Terminology Index’; Assault Warchest Exploit- STATUTORY ASSAULT
    • SuperWikia ‘Advanced Terminology Index’; Propaganda Warchest Exploit
  1. exp:SuperWikia ‘Advanced Terminology Index’; Propaganda Warchest Exploit- STUDIOSCOPY
    • SuperWikia ‘Advanced Terminology Index’; Longitudinal Warchest Exploit
  1. exp:SuperWikia ‘Advanced Terminology Index’; Longitudinal Warchest Exploit- SURGENTUDE
    • SuperWikia ‘Advanced Terminology Index’; Environment Warchest Exploit
  1. exp:SuperWikia ‘Advanced Terminology Index’; Environment Warchest Exploit- SCHEMATICIDE
    • SuperWikia ‘Advanced Terminology Index’; Space & Scientific Warchest Exploit
  1. exp:SuperWikia ‘Advanced Terminology Index’; Space & Scientific Warchest Exploit- STATUTORY PILLAGE

  • SUPERWIKIA SADEREQUIEMS, THEATRES & ARTWORKS are to be documented based upon their major classification and content. This includes all SuperWikia original art collections and opera productions created from authentic SuperWikia material. exp:
  1. SuperWikia Saderequiems: SuperWikia 'Saderequiems; Hailing Uhora'
  2. SuperWikia Theatreworks: SuperWikia 'Theatreworks; Supratoria Physique'
  3. SuperWikia Artworks: The Sy Labora Berthstone SuperWikia 'Artworks; The Sy Labora Berthstone'
  4. SuperWikia Portraits: SuperWikia 'Portraits; The Promise- Cadre Cadeuses'
  5. SuperWikia Literaryworks: SuperWikia 'Literaryworks; Levitations of Decadencius'
  6. SuperWikia Esoteric Works: SuperWikia 'Esoteric Works; Edunude Torch of Rios'


  • SUPERMODELS are registered by three components, the word 'Supermodel', colon and the Supermodel's name;
  1. exp: Supermodel: Habatchii
    • NON-SUPERWIKIA SUPERMODELS are submitted as articles slightly different than SuperWikia Supermodels, as shown in the example. State the NON-SW in all capitalized letters, followed by Supermodel: Foxy Brown;
  1. exp: NON-SW Supermodel: Foxy Brown
    • DOCTORATES AT SPACE or any scientifically gifted contributor to SuperWikia's bio-engineering and vertical environment studies should be distinguished by using the words Doctorates at Space, colon space and the dubbed name most associated with the character or person in parenthesis;
  1. exp: Doctorates at Space: 'Prolymagne'
    • LIPSTILLON DRONES (defind as 'any machine-based autonomously functioning being or programmable entity') are registered according to model and physique category. This includes all robot and drone classes as follows:
      • Specialized Personnel & Infantry Enhancement System Classifications
  1. exp: Battle Assistant:
  1. exp: Robot Synth: Overhead Linefeed Systems@ Model 2000 SDES Drones
  1. exp: Automated Attendant: The Three Atstatitists
  1. exp: Navigational Aid:
  1. exp: Demolition Tripod:
  1. exp: Occupational Appliance: Stockwalkers
  1. exp: Non-Classified Component:

  • SUPERCORP EPAO are registered by five (5) components, the word 'Supercorp EPAO', colon, the Supercorp/Semicom name, semi-colon, the usage of pararenthesis and the Supermodel's name with end pararenthesis;
  1. exp: Supercorp EPAO: Stacybr; 'Habatchii Tsunamii'

  • PARODISIMO WORKS are works of Realtime Personalities that have been recreated in the form of impressionist art. Such works should be entered distinctly to avoid copyright issues and banning the works from the site. When creating such works on the site, use the Dot the SuperWikia Realtime Logo Realtime logo to denote that it is a realtime work. Please use this example to correctly log your works; exp: Parodisimo: George & Martha Washington

  • SUPERTAUNTS; or Super Personalities should be illustrated and exhibited according to the category of media in which they are most known; typically any of:
  1. exp: Streamcast Supertaunt: 'Pirarra Satel'
  2. exp: Theatric Supertaunt: 'Serena Turanus'
  3. exp: Adult & Mature Supertaunt: 'Elise Zeodon'
  4. exp: Professional Sports Supertaunt: 'Shelia Tartanya'
  5. exp: Leisure & Teleputer Supertaunts: 'Aaliyah Rosario'
  6. exp: Extreme Supertaunt: 'Terra Jackson 7'
  7. exp: Solarcast Supertaunt: 'Lucky Sunset'

  • SENATORS are recorded similar to Supermodels, yet their order would be as follows; the abbreviation 'Sen.', along with the full name of the Senator;
  1. exp: Sen. Satel de' Cameraon
    • SUPERINTENDENTS are selected by the Senators to operate over large regional segments; their reference should be similar to the Senator's with the entire term Superintendent being spelled in capital letters;
  1. exp: SuperWikia Superintendent: Sup. Tanya TECHNONDA
    • SUPERWIKIA ARMED FORCES Members of the armed forces should adhere to the guidelines for SuperWikia Armed Forces soldiers, enforcement officers, local authorities, patrollers, agents, techforce and all other special forces. This entails;
      • SOLDIERS should be listed according to rank (image), component and name, with the last name being capitalized.
  1. exp: SIS PE Point Sergeant EndiciaOfficer Sherren WILLIAMS (SIS_Black_Space_Forces)
  1. exp:
  1. exp:
  1. exp:
      • AGENTS
  1. exp:
  1. exp:
  1. exp:

  • SPIRITUAL REALMS should be identified and recognized separately from the denominations or religious bodies that they represent.
    • BEINGS are to entered as such;
  1. exp: SuperWikia 'Religions & Mythologies- Beings; +Goddess Arizona'
    • RELIGIOUS FORCES are to be entered as;
  1. exp: SuperWikia 'Religions & Mythologies- Religious Forces; +Soicumonova
    • AVATARS are to be entered as;
  1. exp: SuperWikia 'Religions & Mythologies- Avatars; +Pamazon


  • TOURNEY STORYBOARDS & COORDINATE PHRASES conform to the structure in which the author of the original work established the material and or content. A Storyboard is defind as a literary work which entails a map of smaller works known as Coordinate Phrases which represent a major portion of the original work and its reference to other associated works or conforming content.

  • STARDATES are important for larger proxeums and guilds to keep track of each major event. To use, enter the Protectorate Initials, the word 'Stardate' and the 365 day building and zoning code; exp: SIS Stardate 01.001-EQ

  • SOLARSTATES must be recorded according to their stature and jurisdictional coverage.
    • Galactic Solarstates: exp: Sonjanella Galaxy or always in bold without link exp: The Solarstate of Sonjanella
    • Cartouche Solarstates: exp: Decadencius Cartouche or in bold without link exp: The Cartouche of Decadencius
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