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Super Wikia

SuperWikia is the official wiki government for superheros, superheroines and super villlians, as each are represented by their 3D supermodel and caseography. SuperWikia's Senate Chambers is for standing members who have made distinct advances in the areas of 3D modeling and character bio-engineering, its purpose is to serve as a bridgework for future advances and development of all SuperWikia supermodels and as a operating environment for existing model intergation and proliferation.

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The Pantheon

This wiki has an infrastructure (or 'Pantheon') of 7 major components:

  1. Senate Chambers: The central governmental forum component.
  2. Teledeck: The component designated for supermodel biodata and biographical research.
  3. Aesthetics Lab: The standing laboratory for 3D bio-engineering and advanced bio-intelligence tutorials.
  4. Planetarium: The component for observation of supermodel home planets & stars.
  5. Leisure Lab: The SuperWikia trivia and leisure science component.
  6. Engineering Deck: The component designated for supermodel ships, vessel and armament development.
  7. Streamform: The SuperWikia library archive and home of the Accolade of Virtues Award.

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Support Your Proxeum or Guild at the next SuperWikia 'Raleigh'. Speak with your proxeum/guild representative for more information.

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Where to start

Superwikia Flag

The SuperWikia flag represents the governance component of the organization. Official business is always accompanied by the flag image or its hologram;

SuperWikia Hologram

, which is used to distinguish government backed events or special articles. The SuperWikia Pennant;

Superwikia Pennant

similar yet minus the geometry of the flag, is used for establishing definitives and terminology within the wiki.

The Digital Domain

This area is for major contributors and providers of digital applications used to render most of the 3D Supermodels and environments of SuperWikia. It is strongly advised to secure a certified copy before presenting a submission to be considered for competition.

Statement from the President: "We at SuperWikia believe that 3D should be 'media friendly', so join us today and promote your Supermodels, Superheros and private folios. Let the Games Begin..."

A. Shima-Kogalgeisha; Pres.; SuperWikia


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