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This page is the foundation for all SuperWikia 'Solosphere' competition. Here you will attempt to aquire instructions on completing your first revolution around the SuperWikia 'Solosphere' and its continual itinerary of data. Good Luck!

  • To all members; SuperWikia highly endorses the usage of the SuperWikia 'Proxeums & Guild Academies- Exit Poll'. This poll establishes the authority of general members to vote on issues of which other Proxeums or Guilds have initiated or operate. Each poll question gives the member the option to promote or critique the articles and exhibits of the Proxeum/Guilds you select. Go to the polls HERE.

Status Briefing

SuperWikia's competitive component is comprised of two (2) major areas:


  • The General Tourney Session

Each session only lasts for 1 week or 'heat'; the Superior Session is for all SuperWikia members, the General Session is for individuals, teams and their proxeums or guilds. (see below under 1.3 The SuperWikia Active Campaign). Once a user member has collected and provided all the necessary material and certifications, they be admitted into a tourney. Member users are not required to participate in tourney events.

Selecting Props & Empire Building

Please Read-Important:SuperWikia allows all users to particpate in the tourney process, it does so with the intent of keeping consistant materials across all user's submissions. SuperWikia highly encourages its members to use the SuperWikia 'Standard Article Page Template' when filing 3D and other articles. And please remeber to CATEGORIZE your Proxeum/Guilds' articles and exhibits using your USERNAME in the beginning of the category; they may be lost, destroyed or both.

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Your SuperWikia membership comes with a complete battle plan and warchest for you to create and manage your own SuperWikia empire. Working via your proxeum or guild, you may select all of your own:

Build the perfect proxeum or guild, then patrol the Solosphere; One article at a time...

SuperWikia Seatholder Dataplates

SuperWikia operates on the concept of fair recognition. Each user or 'Seatholder' is required to utilize a Seatholder Dataplate in order to become eligible for the SuperWikia tourneys and other competitions. Below is an example of a functional Non-Circulated (Non-Tourney)Seatholder dataplate.

SuperWikia Biostill Database Logo 1.0
SuperWikia Seatholder Dataplate
SuperWikia Biostill Database Logo
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Emanualle Eusedat' Id Pho
Example Image
Superwikia-ArchCities Data Shield Logo 1.0
Superwikia 'Lifeforce' EndiciaVital statistics
Seatholder Name: Your SuperWikia Seatholder User Name
True Procession: African-American/South Asian-Indian Procession
Authorship/Contributions: Go To 'Vault'
Proxeum / Nativity: Habatchii Engineering Society
Level of Membership: Solosphere Assembly Class License| Assembly
Employability: Currently- Unavailable
SuperWikia Userpage: Supermodel: Habatchii

SuperWikia Seatholder Dataplate

SuperWikia Ordnance Dataplates

In some instances of competition, two or more proxeums or teams may need a stronger leverage and vantage point to post a dataplate against an opponent. These different dataplates are known as Ordnance Dataplates, and generally support the 'buildup of large coverage and large area competition'; to be used only during oversized tourneys. A sample of an oversize ordnance dataplate case would be in preparing for a berth, a team needed a large dataplate or 'billet roster' for each member's contributions. The billet would be created using each team member's data and posted. Ordnance Dataplates should only be used if there are two or more parties or category types being submitted.

SuperWikia 'Lifeforce' & 'Data Shield' Seals

The SuperWikia 'Lifeforce' and Data Shield seals are official tourney endicia used to improve overall scoring and user rating. The SuperWikia Lifeforce is exclusively for 'Living Beings', classified as a Supermodel or a Realtime author of an article. The extra support works during the tallying of tourney scores (articles submitted) which have the Lifeforce seal within its dataplate. This feature is currently being developed to optimize user overall scoring.

The SuperWikia 'Data Shield' is a seal for general usage which helps to protect user data from various types of Runtime incidents. Its features are basically for non-living items such as vessels, property, references, etc. It may also be used to protect Living-Beings illustrated in a dataplate.

SuperWikia 'Respondant Endicia' and 'Appellant Decals'

The SuperWikia Tourney functions on the bases that an exchange of critical examination and inspection of documented submissions be conducted. Therefore, a means of observing the tourney has been developed to fairly and equally give each participant an opportunity to be represented.

The SuperWikia Respondant Endicia and Appellant Decals create a checklist of objectives and directives for each participant by means of isolating specific areas of up to seven different Tourney courses, each checkpoint of which is listed by a series of either the Endicia, (used to identify responders) or Decals, (used to signify appellants). Affixed to the Respondant Party or Appellant Party dataplate(s), the endicia and decals illustrate the level of progression and intent of the user to advance against their opposition.

  • Level One is the Responder Beacon; used to notify the Appellant of the intent to progress
  • Level Two is the Appellant 'Bulletin' Decal'; which give the Respondant a confirmation of challenge
  • Level Three is the Respondent 'Breach Alert'; used to announce an examination proceeding
  • Level Four is the Appellant 'Settlement Decal'; which serves as a final closure determination in favor of the Appellant.

Below is an illustration of all four endicia and decals:

On average, the minimum number of either endicia or decals to post before a decisive measure is passed is at least 26 exchanges of any combinations without losing a tourney round or heat default into a breach.

Technicalities may include:

  • Insufficient submission
  • Non-Categorization
  • Submission Not Valid (Typographical Error)

The SuperWikia Solosphere's Oval Plan

The Solosphere is the universal designator for SuperWikia. Its boundries are drawn and protected by its resolution (or the 'Oval Plan') and the completion of its revolution by its members. The 'PREREQ' (short for Pre-Requisite) is the most secure means of completing the revolution.

Below is a listing of the criterion of progression (Oval Plan) within the Solosphere as according to natural order of submission of articles and other exhibits herein. The more authenticated submissions made by a single party or proxeum, then the greater level of success becomes possible.

The SuperWikia Solosphere Oval Plan

  1. Solosphere Starter Team Events
  2. Solosphere Trial Team Events
  3. Solosphere Assembly Team Events
  4. Solosphere Preamble Team Events
  5. Solosphere League Team Events
  6. Solosphere Electorate Team Events
  7. Solosphere Stature Team Events

The SuperWikia Tourney Semesters

The 'Semester' is a bill of particulars in which a Proxeum uses to benchmark a point or theme against an opposing team or another Proxeum. The semester may be comprised of one or many different semester plots; the designator for an individual semester topic. The more detailed in which a semester plan is laid out and incorporated into the finished production, the higher PREREQ score that Proxeum will recieve.

To see a copy of the SuperWikia Tourney Semester Plan, click here.

  • (This listing is the standing SuperWikia Semester. Currently in buildup mode)

Tourney semesters should be categorized as any other article submitted. To do so, type "Category:SuperWikia 'Proxeum & Guild Semester...-' " (do not forget to add the opening and closing [[Category:|Category]] brackets.) and any other material/designator that you would like to include under the category name.

For best results in overall scoring, semesters should be used by only one partition and or terraform at a time. This reduces the possibility of inconsistancy and semester drop rates. When filing multiple partitions, designate so by categorizing as such [[Category:SuperWikia 'Proxeum & Guild Semester- Multi-Partition;...' (again, do not forget the closing brackets).

The SuperWikia Active Campaign Tourneys

The 'Tourney' is a proxeum based event which creates an opportunity for scriptwriters, tutorial writers, authors, publishers, line artists, editors and allied supporters to contribute to their proxeum's team campaign in establishing PREREQ status. The tourney works like this:

  1. Each Seatholder (or SuperWikia member) has a Proxeum team.
  2. Exhibits and Articles are submitted in three different session catagories
Advisory Sessions- Beginner / Submissions starting at under 1000 articles or exhibits
Tally Sessions- Novice / Submissions starting at 1000 to 5000 articles or exhibits
Supercast Sessions- Advanced / Submissions starting at 5000 articles or exhibits
  1. Each exhibit and article are submitted in 'Session Heat' cycles, each approximately one week in duration.
  2. Teams found making their qouta for qualification are admitted into the Accolade Ceremonies (approximately every other month) for award and recognition considerations.
  3. Teams not keeping their qouta commitment are eliminated automatically.

The SuperWikia Proxeum Heats

Each Proxeum that exercises its article filings does so within a single heat against the subject model or entity of each selection within a moot scenario. There are two main filing parties; the RESPONDANT PARTY and the APPELLANT PARTY. Each respondant party filies a moot case with the appellant party in order to generate a 'well rounded' 3-D consensus of issues and personalities for that particular heat. Each heat represents a single week of the calendar. Should either a deliberation article filing (critique) or submission (promotional) be recieved AND responded by the opposition party (appellant), then a dateline or 'berth' is created, the campaign becomes 'ACTIVE' and the bethrothal process is initiated. Below is a link to the scheduled list of each heat: SuperWikia Proxeum Heats Link to the Session Heats-

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