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SIS Action Term Legend

Note:This table provides an abbreviated terminology index for the SIS Fleet Datum section. Its intent is to create a viable and plausible resource for co-athoring articles for SIS Fleet related material.
SIS Legend Troops Arsenal PersonnelLight PersonnelEnforcement Fleet...
*1 Base Soldier Non-Classified Combat Short Officers Senior CaptainsSpace Infimaries ...
*2 Reconnaissance Trooper Open Space CombatEnsigns Enlisted CaptainsTagging Ships
*3 Airmen/Astralpilot Deadlock Combat LieutenantsLateral SergeantsAncilliary Vessels
*4 Nationist Patroller Nautic Combat Point Majors Point Sergeants Prison Barges
*5 Demolition Lightmen Air/Astral Combat Admirals Airmen SergeantsLand Mines
*6 Oversize Stealth Engineer Roaming CombatTheater Generals Troop Corporeals Equiposes
*7 Nationalist Sentinel Body Combat Senior Officer Commanders Specialists Seizeships
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