Sy Arms Report Card Edit

SY ARMS Report Card

  • Synopsis: {Active} SIS Tweep Republic Member
  • Earth Government: Republic
  • Land Data: Sustanable
  • Photo:GoTo
  • Address Name: AR-0007
  • Terraform Class: Acumen Class
  • Supercorp Protectorate: Space Berth Industrials ~liSupercorp

Solarcasting (SNS) Logo Terraform Sy Arms
Sy Arms (FOC-Terraform)
Sy Arms
SuperWikia Environmental Plan
Base Name: Earthbred Fleet
Scientific Name: AR-0007
Environmental Plan: Space Berth Industrials ~liSupercorp
Location: Sonjanella Galaxy
Procession File: Indian/S. Asian coop A3 Procession
Artist/Studio: DigiMasq Terraforms-Proxeum
Tourney Availability: Tourney Status (Un-Available)
Senate Representative: Yes: Sen. Latoya Tito

Rear Text-Edit

Basis of Work Image of 'Sy Arms'; a terraform located in coordinate AR-0007 of the SIS system.
References Terraformed by the Digi Masq studios, working in conjunction with Runtime scripting.
Articles [The SuperWikia Planetarium/SuperWikia Sentinel-Tribunal]
Non-SuperWikia [N/A.]
Definitives [N/A]
Omitted Parts [The SIS Nomenclature of Bodies; which is part of the original work, was not added.]
Non-Wiki [***This file is also in the Digi-Masq's Terraform Database]
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