The Solarstate of Sonjanella-

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This page is designated for the SIS-SuperWikia Sonjanella Solarstate; used as a factsheet for introductory knowledge on its Galactic Statehood and sub-government body within the SIS. Defined as '...a statehood situated in or within the political boundaires and jurisdiction of a Galactic entity or government.'; this 'solarstate' is typically identified as being a house or governance of planets and solar systems under the SIS flag.

This dataplate establishes the solarstate and its most basic component data. Its purpose is to support the buildup of SuperWikia or related storyboard materials by means of providing generalized data to the reader.

Sonjanella History

Sonjanella is one of the original 19 colonial settlements of the SIS. Its history as the centerplex of the SIS stems back to the first tourney and is still recognized as being the Capital Solarstate of the SIS. Incorporated as a solarstate by the Shima-Kogalgeisha ~liSupercorp under General Habatchii's administration, it has executed its directives of space governance and allegence unto the SIS consistantly and stands as a landmark for all members of SuperWikia.

SuperWikia Superversity & Solar-Scholastic Systems

SuperWikia Logo Set 007 (Superversity Endicia) Sonjanella Superversity is one of the most recognized Superversity Solarstates within the Solosphere. It has some of the largest campuses with a growing population capacity of up to 80,000 residents and staff parties. The system also produces more equiposial posts and vertical occupations than any other solarstate.

Sonjanella Superversity Campus 'Advantageous' (Lynn Toler Class Staples)

The Sonjanella Superversity Campus 'Advantageous' Semi-Space Staple

Terraforms Within the Sonjanella Expanse

There are 19 known and existing terraforms located within Sonjanella. Each property is considered as being an 'acumen' property, meaning that they each have the capability to sustain an atmosphere and synthetic life. These 'planets' each have there own solar system and transcom conduct system, making them accessible during tourney events. They are hosted by the SuperWikia 'ArchCities' provision plan and are managed under the SIS Below is a table of images of each terraform;

SuperWikia Sonjanella Galaxy
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SIS Planetary Table
SuperWikia Planet Index
Terraforms: SIS Properties SIS Senator
Sy Aero (FOC-Terraform) SY AERO SuperWikia Senator of SY AERO
Sy Arms (FOC-Terraform) SY ARMS SuperWikia Senator of SY Arms
Sy Aux (FOC-Terraform) SY AUX SuperWikia Senator of SY Aux
Sy Base (FOC-Terraform) SY BASE SuperWikia Senator of SY Base
Sy Com (FOC-Terraform) SY COM SuperWikia Senator of SY Com
Sy Distri (FOC-Terraform) SY DISTRI SuperWikia Senator of SY Distri
Sy Ener (FOC-Terraform) SY ENER SuperWikia Senator of SY Ener
Sy Labora (FOC-Terraform) SY LABORA SuperWikia Senator of SY Labora
Sy Non (FOC-Terraform) SY NON SuperWikia Senator of SY Non
Sy Nurse (FOC-Terraform) SY NURSE SuperWikia Senator of SY Nurse
Sy Off (FOC-Terraform) SY OFF SuperWikia Senator of SY Off
Sy Post (FOC-Terraform) SY POST SuperWikia Senator of SY Post
Sy Ref (FOC-Terraform) SY REF SuperWikia Senator of SY Ref
Sy Satel (FOC-Terraform) SY SATEL SuperWikia Senator of SY Satel
Sy Staps (FOC-Terraform) SY STAPS SuperWikia Senator of SY Staps
Sy Super (FOC-Terraform) SY SUPER SuperWikia Senator of SY Super
Sy Tech (FOC-Terraform) SY TECH SuperWikia Senator of SY Tech
Sy Testes (FOC-Terraform) SY TESTES SuperWikia Senator of SY Testes
Sy Yves (FOC-Terraform) SY YVES SuperWikia Senator of SY Yves

Technology & Advanced Terminology (Excerpt from SuperWikia 'Solarcasting Streamworks'

Sonjanella participates within the SuperWikia's Senatorial session as a leader in technology and Advanced Terminology Indexing capabilities. This includes its exploration and development of newer astrodrilling and mass compiler systems which improve terraforming coherency extensively.

SuperWikia Terraform Properspective 1.0

Properspective of a Terraform

SuperWikia 'Aircraft & Space Textiles' 1.4

Sonjanella Galaxy

Transcom Lightspeed Conduct System

  • Excerpt from SuperWikia 'Solarcasting Streamworks'
  • The largest Solosphere sponsored transcom highway system is the Transcom Lightspeed Conduct System (or TLC One); the official Space Superhighway System for planetary, inter-planetary and intra-galactic travel. The TLC One covers all major SIS interstates and space highways; it consists of seven major components and stems into the SIS planetary ground highway system. Below is a general overview of the TLC One and how each component interacts:

TLC One's Spaceway Systems:

  • Streamform- Basic term used to define particle conversion and transmigration travel
  • Treadways- Routes and major passages for planetary and intra-galactic traffic
  • Airgates- Air to land decline loop which provides regulated merging with ground traffic
  • Palatial Offramps- Normal speed offramp for exiting the spaceway
  • Lightspeedway- Drivespan for longer distances and lane change-overs
  • Escalades- Operating ducts which escalate traffic to higher treads
  • Spacegates- Near vertical land-based incline loop which allow access to space

All traffic on or off the TLC One is lineage controlled and monitored by SIS Interspace Patrollers. Driving and optional control of the transpods commences promptly after the vehicle has re-entered ground traffic and merged with normal runtime processing. All vehicles are required to be registered with the SIS and the TLC One and operators must carry a SIS issued ArchCities Identification Card at all times.

Appendix (Directory of other Solarstates)

Below is a short directory of other incorporated solarstates under the SIS flag; courtesy of The SuperWikia Planetarium.

  1. Quadrant One: Sonjanella Galaxy
  2. Quadrant Thirteen: Easteria Galaxy
  3. Quadrant Nineteen: Unchartered Galaxy Five

Other Charted Galaxies

  • Advanced SuperWikia Tourney Members Only

SIS Galactic Body
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Sonjanella Solarstate
SIS Solarstate Factsheet Dataplate
Base Size: Approximately 100,000 lightyears wide
Radius: Approximately 50,000 lightyears
Area: Approximately 800,000 lightyears
Nautical Distance (Perimeter): Distance of travel on the perimeter
Diameter: Approximate 100,000 lightyears
Ore/Composition Concentration: Key element/metallic base constituient by percentage
Nearest Galactic Links: Closest Galactic bodies intersecting its borders
Solar Systems Distribution: Approximatly 7 Billion Solar Systems
Terraform Distribution: Approximate number of habitable terraformed bodies, (Forests, Plains, Mountains, etc.) Research In Progress
Amplitudinal Region Distribution: Approximatly 9033.5 known and charted space and land proving grounds
Proving Grounds Coverage Area: Undisclosed/Classified
SIS Solarstate Supercorps
Solarstate Terraformer: Name of Key Terraforming Supercorp
  1. State-Continental Industrials ~liSupercorp
  2. Transport Lightspeed Carrier ~liSupercorp
  3. Aerospace-Lana Sands Genetics ~liSupercorp
  4. Poststellar Courier System ~liSupercorp
  5. Luminary Coils & Housing Manufacturing ~liSupercorp
  6. Energy-Garrison ~liSupercorp
  7. Seven Solar Systems ~liSupercorp
  8. Stealth Commercial Physics ~liSupercorp
  9. Trans-Global & Lunar Databases ~liSupercorp
  10. Animated Amalagraphics ~liSupercorp
  11. Pre-Fabricated Bio-Engineering Products ~liSupercorp
  12. Light-FOC Industries ~liSupercorp
  13. Eyenetics-Staples ~liSupercorp
  14. Space Chronological Systems ~liSupercorp
  15. Space Berth Industrials ~liSupercorp
  16. Technical Salvage ~liSupercorp
  17. Azimuth Fabrications ~liSupercorp
  18. Pole Over-Size Equipment & Machine Manufactures ~liSupercorp
  19. Land-FOC Hulls & Wrenches ~liSupercorp
SIS Environmental Lifeform
Lifeform Distribution: Major animal life food chains: (domesticated cattle, and other husbandry herds)
  • Sub-Microbial Lifeforms
  • Troplidytes (water organisms; including Arachnids, Scopions & Snakes)
  • Aerial & Winged Lifeforms
  • Paw & Hoofed Lifeforms (four-legged animals; including Felines, Deer & Elephant Leniunom)
  • Land Primates (ape-like animals; including Chimps, Gorilla, & Bear)
  • Evolved Lifeforms (humanity; including pre-historic & contemporary)
  • Sentient & Computerized Lifeforms (Robotics; including Clones, Drones & Manufactured Humaniods)
Environmental Information: Average telicamology activity from solar system bodies (Research In Progress)
Space Defense System Distribution: SIS Space Defense service and protectorates
SIS Aerospace Environments
Space Staples: Major Space Station Complexes
Territorial Distribution: Major astronautical regions and bodies
  • Brometreius Expanse Complex
  • Recievius Expanse Complex
  • Annuncius Expanse Complex
  • Nexnocthesis Expanse Complex
  • Decadencius Expanse Complex
  • Occuldentrios Complex
  • Neuvolveus Expanse Complex
Airspace & Conduct System Allocation: TLC One super spaceway allocation frequencies for spacecraft
Partitions: Number of SuperWikia registered countries
  • 6840
Localities: Number of SuperWikia registered municipalities
  • Undisclosed
Extensive Population Centers: Major and large demographic regions
  • Prominent Star Systems; 1 (Tisha Beasly Prominence)
Super-Solar Highways & Treadways: Major Solarstate highways and smaller treadways

SuperWikia 'Planetarium Switchboard'

Below is a standard SuperWikia Planetarium 'switchboard', used to give members and readers a reference for each official SuperWikia interactive tourney graphics or ensignia that you might be using for the article. It is intended for advanced terminology indexing and other tourney related usage and reference.

SuperWikia Planetarium Switchboard'
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Conforming Ensignia Options
SIS-'Sonjanella Solarstate'
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SuperWikia Spec Forces (Reserves) SuperWikia Spec Forces (Reserves)
SuperWikia Spec Forces- Air Defense SuperWikia Spec Forces- Air Defense
SuperWikia Department of Defense Adm. 25px
SuperWikia Office of Defense Secretary Adm. SuperWikia Spec Forces (Office of Defense)
SuperWikia National Security Office Adm. 25px

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