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Beginning ArticleEdit

Drawcure is the Entertainment Capitol of the Inter-Continental Black Confederacy. It was founded by Dillon Brougham Nasael; a Vice President of the Confederate; it is also one of its oldest cities. The city is known for its large collection of very extravagant and expensive establishments and parlours (i.e.-brofels); most of which line the city's streets downtown. It also hosts many very old and very large five star theatre studios, houses and casinos.

Records of DrawcureEdit

Drawcure's history stems from its pre-incorporated era in which the city was in a virtual dustland. Its buildings (if any) where made of wood and animals roamed the streets openly during the day. Men wore weapons and brandished them everywhere they went. Many gunfights were recorded and thus one of the city's attributes Draw will Cure. An old local tales says that the city got its name from the cattlemen in the pastures that use to live for the day to have clean underwear, thus the Draw Cure of their herding. During its evolution,The Bosstile Technical Academy at Nasael commissioned the city to be a live museum, hosting conventions and expos for Confederate scholars from all around. The name Drawcure became synonomous with entertainment.

Army History of DrawcureEdit

Many generals used the sets located within the city's outskirts for military training and exercises. They also reinacted numerous battle sequences based upon the tourneys the city was drafted into. Drawcure has given countless military leaders unto the Confederacy.

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