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Superpedia Definition & Technical IntroductionEdit

SuperWikia Super Enforcer Unit A SuperWikia Super Enforcer Corps.

A Defense Force Super Enforcer is an advanced SuperWikia armed forces unit that enforce the Responder perspective during a tourney session. The Enforcer may employ any of the other SuperWikia Armed Forces units and corps, with full command over space, air, sea, land and other campaigns until the tourney's betrothalment or berths are completed. Their chief opposition, the SuperWikia Super Controller Unit may have just as much power as a Enforcer, but are considered equally effective in battle.

  • Superwikia Respondent 'Breach Alert' Endicia Image of the SuperWIkia 'Breach Alert' Endicia.

Explanation Within the Philabrone ProcessEdit

Logic Dating (Term Usage Contributions & References)Edit

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