Tech Set Status Qou ; the video game. Powerful business moguls battle for software takeover bid loot. Build your own mogul (BYOM) with city templates and a perk ladder filled with an exotics catalogue and cabana models (libido) to boost your mogul's ego; the prime directive. Go from city to city to build your software empire and confront ruthless software bosses and their line of pirating hacks. Sit in your penthouse suite as you look over the entire Tech Set.

Storyboard DevelopmentEdit

  • Storyboard Scenario:

Tech Set is a Tech War MOGUL built upon the SuperWikia Arcadia platform system which highlights the first person shooter perspective. Its plot is centered on the player building his/her own software empire, with a few stipulations; a high tech war.

  • Topical Development:

The president (FPS) begins the game by creating a new technology corporation, selecting the name and six (6) board members. The new board launches its campaign to establish global saturation by fending off volatile take overs and attackers in seven (7) different levels:

  1. Security Detail: Guard the building from attackers until security arrives.
  2. Technoscrill: Find the stolen Technoscrill chipsets and return them to the lab.
  3. Attache' Vault: Meet the agents at the drop points and take all the attache' cases to the vault.
  4. Penthouse Model Agency: Defend the penthouse models until their limo driver arrives.
  5. Lab Scene: Defuse the bombs in the lab's workstations.
  6. Executive Escort: Drive a client safely to the heliport site.
  7. Source Building: Reach the top of your company's Source Building with client to go to the heliport.

The FPS has five (5) modes to select from before accessing the main screen:

  1. Assault Mode: Scene building based upon FPS tactical advance against various sites and bosses.
  2. Capture the Flag (CTF) Mode: Scene builing based upon FPS capturing the opposition's flag and returning it to headquarters.
  3. Stealth Mode: Scene building based upon FPS ability to accomplish objectives before the clock runs out.
  4. Test Mode: Scene building based upon four (4) FPS options
    1. Accuracy Trial (Shoot stationary & moving targets)
    2. Showcase (Edit your character)
    3. Time Trial (Complete a maze in time)
    4. Performance Trial (All applicable tests)
  5. Yield Max Point (YMP) Mode: Scene building based upon FPS beating previous score as

Technical Environment Development Edit

Scriptwriting/Scene Development Edit

The President (not including his or her corporate officers), is allocated and compensed in SuperWikia runtime currency (the civic). The compense is known as a SuperPerk; a corporate benefit level raise in salary which is awarded in the following incrementation:

  • SuperPerk Spread
  1. SuperPerk Bonus Level #001 ~li100,000
  2. SuperPerk Bonus Level #002 ~li500,000
  3. SuperPerk Bonus Level #003 ~li1,000,000
  4. SuperPerk Bonus Level #004 ~li5,000,000
  5. SuperPerk Bonus Level #005 ~li10,000,000
  6. SuperPerk Bonus Level #006 ~li25,000,000
  7. SuperPerk Bonus Level #007 ~li50,000,000
  8. SuperPerk Bonus Level #008 ~li100,000,000
  9. SuperPerk Bonus Level #009 ~li500,000,000
  10. SuperPerk Bonus Level #010 ~li700,000,000
  11. SuperPerk Bonus Level #011 ~li900,000,000
  12. SuperPerk Bonus Level #012 ~li1,000,000,000 (The Super Rollover)

The Exotics Catalogue is a fringe benefit of your company. It incorporates your benefits package into seven (7) major classes;

  • Exotics Catalogue Spread
  1. Security; supplies extra security at command, sent to your current location
  2. Transport; the transport class is a collection of company fleet vehicles
  3. Armatures; arms and weapons, technically two kinds; primary and secondary
  4. Possessions; property seized by agents and bought at discount
  5. Land & Build lots available to build your software plants
  6. Estate estate (your home base); must be kept and managed or else depreciates
  7. Seals & Certificates software industry seals and documented certification

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