Top Secret: White House Wargames; the video game.

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  • Storyboard Scenario:

Top Secret: White House Wargames is a strategy/FPS game hybrid in which you can create and elect your own president, call heads of state to briefing and declare war. You can be the president or be the FPS, but not both during the same scene.

  • Topical Development:

Each continent has abandoned the United Nations and it is up to you to bring peace back to the planet. In Strategic Mode, you are the president and have been given authority to exercise force overseas and across the global. In FPS Mode, you are deployed into a special forces company with rank ranging from Special Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) to Special Commissioned Officer (SCO) and must defend democracy against foreign ground, air and stationary forces (GAS).

The Strategic Mode has seven (7) different meters which the president uses to negotiate diplomatic positioning:

  1. Superpower Meter: A meter used when conferencing with various superpower leaders to pursuade poliical preference; may create international conflict if score is too low.
  2. Trade Meter: A meter used to generate trade agreement points; may lead to lowered standards of living and tax increase if score is too low.
  3. Advancement Meter: A meter used to raise and build military flex; may lead to troop withdrawal and base closure if score is too low.
  4. Popularity Meter: A meter used to boost morale within the domestic front; may lead to riots and terrorist attacks if score is too low.
  5. Launch Meter: A meter used to authorize a missile strike; may lead to a miscarriage and destruction of cities if score is too low.
  6. Emergency Meter: A meter used to build emergency relief and suppliment for domestic and foriegn support; may lead to epidemics and mass qurrantines if score is too low.
  7. Stealth Meter: A meter used to expidite negotiations for one or more of the other meter's occurrance; increases risk and overall damage against you if score is too low.

The FPS has five (5) modes to select from before accessing the main screen:

  1. Assault Mode: Scene building based upon FPS tactical advance against various foriegn and alien threats.
  2. Capture the Flag (CTF) Mode: Scene builing based upon FPS capturing the opposition's flag and returning it to the Burlinton Ajar Airforce Base headquarters.
  3. Stealth Mode: Scene building based upon FPS ability to accomplish objectives before the clock runs out.
  4. Test Mode: Scene building based upon four (4) FPS options
    1. Accuracy Trial (Shoot stationary & moving targets)
    2. Showcase (Edit your character)
    3. Time Trial (Complete a maze in time)
    4. Performance Trial (All applicable tests)
  5. Yield Max Point (YMP) Mode: Scene building based upon FPS beating previous score

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The Exotics Catalogue is a fringe benefit of your company. It incorporates your benefits package into seven (7) major classes;

  • Exotics Catalogue Spread
  1. Security; supplies extra security at command, sent to your current location
  2. Transport; the transport class is a collection of company fleet vehicles
  3. Armatures; arms and weapons, technically two kinds; primary and secondary
  4. Possessions; property seized by agents and bought at discount
  5. Land & Build lots available to build your software plants
  6. Estate estate (your home base); must be kept and managed or else depreciates
  7. Seals & Certificates software industry seals and documented certification

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