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The SuperWikia 'ArchCities' consists of a streamwork system of semester-based entities working together to enhance the 3D 'Realtime' environment of SuperWikia, while serving the immediate needs of the 'Runtime' Supermodels, characters and environments of SuperWikia. Its purpose is to act as the standing municipality for 3D models and character storyboards.... ArchCities of SuperWikia also support the tourney-based semester plans used by proxeum and guild administrators to regulate 3D municipal code developments and other policies.

Synchronized Semestering & Co-Authorship Campaigns

SuperWikia 'Archcities' gives each participating author to exhibit their work and recieve a credit for tourney activities when they complete and submit their semester plans. These 'Co-Authorship' campaigns ensure that all articles that are submitted have the same opportunity of exhibit. Such articles all must conform to ArchCities article submission rulebook policy.

The SuperWikia 'ArchCities Story'

ArchCities is a generic term denoting a collective of SuperWikia Supercorps, Tourney Masters, Authors, Proxeums & Guilds and other SuperWikia-based posts which join to form a single one-stop outreach program for all SuperWikia Runtime characters. Below is a brief overview of the SuperWikia 'ArchCities' story.

Structure Term Definition:
The Storyline System was campaigned by the Shima-Kogalgeisha Administration under Habatchii's military campaign for SuperWikia's 'Lifeforce' and 'Data Shield' projects and was parented by the Ancilliary One political management group named Solveig Services. The concept of separaing local governance from inter-stellar operations was immediately accepted by the SuperWikia Senate, encouraging educational and intellectual benefits while securing the digital frontier and the outermost reaches of space. ArchCities is authorized by SuperWikia and the Space & Inter-Stellar Settlement (SIS) systems to produce and manufacture sites, equipment, logistical support, public facilities, archtectural designs, technological systems and other services which are made available to the Runtime communities. Each partition is allocated upto 9000 'ArchCities' from the SuperWikia 'SIS Settlement Territorial Agreement Provision' and various other agreements. All of which maintain their own dataplates and official tourney informations.
Theme at Present To regulate local governance of Runtime habitats and environments. ArchCities focus is on stablizing the digital domain by means of a full scale technology campaign within its regions. This includes sending and hosting invitationals for non-SuperWikia bodies and Digital Domain enabled organziations.
Assessing Arch-Citizenship All native citizens of ArchCities are known as 'ArchCitizen' by means of the SuperWikia Senate; this includes 2D and 3D representations of parties and or models.
Possible Inhibitors & Obstacles Propensities include exercising a massive referendum platform and tourney regulatory system.
Last Recorded Developments Lead Opposition Cases and other non-official business.
Evidence Effective indicators of ArchCities outreach programs include the photo-gallery of recent project and existing provisional measures which together unite the entire consumer based of SuperWikia and its combined solarstates.
Supporting Material SuperWikia adopted ArchCities as being its primary municipal component for all 3D operations and projects.

The Tactical Story

Structure Term Definition:
Basis of Tactic Systems authorized to service ArchCities include any system that has been deemed to contribute to the asthetic development and socialogic enrichment of the organization's research objectives. This definition may include:
  1. Bases; covering spaceports, train & electro-rail, airports, passenger bus stations, libraries, educational facilities and seaway & oceanic (lavatory) stations.
  2. Regions; includes all modes of zoning and ordinace for business, residential, academic, non-use land, downtown district, open development(industrial) and new development regions. All regions are recognized by the ArchCities board assigned by the Proxeum or Guild sponsoring the measure(s) and are to conform to SIS SuperWikia uniform regulations.
  3. Arguemented Areas; basically designating a region or area that has a arguemented claim or opposition party filed against it. This may include any area undergoing the tourney process or subjected to inquiry for possible development.
  4. No-Fly Zones; A partition or sub-government that has been listed on the ArchCities 'Do Not Fly' list for probation or or reasons. This areas may be subject to reclamation.
  5. Disputed Territories; Any area being aurgued in a formal tourney session, either General or Superior. Parties seeking to join an existing tourney may be able to access these areas.
  6. Opposition Command Posts; These areas are considered the responsibility of the title of record. See the SuperWikia listing for more information on tourneying.
Regimes Vested/Ranking Officer
  1. Stations;
  2. Troops; ArchCities alone does not maintain a full military body. Instead; it's protectorate, the 'SIS' orchestrates all military manuvers and defense campaigns.
  3. Administrations;
  4. Prime Ministers and Ambassadors;
  5. Leaderboard Members;
  6. Executives; (Supercorp, Tradepool, ArchCities)
  7. Senators
Active StatusArchCities encourages a full active roster of its ArchCitizens and their tourney objectives. Reporting of any tourney activity (attack/assault campaigns, etc.) must be maintained by the individual Proxeum or Guild competing in the heat.
New DirectivesArchCities is constantly developing new and improved Negotiation & Naming Conventions for its programs and SuperWikia based projects. This includes improving the Superpedia and its user-friendly operating parameters.
Defense SystemsArchCities provides a fair opportunity for all of its member citizens to participate in tourney activities. This covers all appellant Defense Movements and responder Reinforcement Campaigns which drive the SuperWikia wiki.
OppositionArchCities does not openly endorse opposition from its members. In the event a question of judgement is brought foward, then all measures will be taken to fufill the request with contestation. Their are no Opposition Stances at Present on file or record at ArchCities or SuperWIkia.
New ProjectsArchCities is currently developing its [1] Wikipedia conversion project. This entails converting all pertainent Animation, Computer Graphics or 3D articles and exhibits from the basic Wikipedia format to a more native version.

Thumbnails & Exhibits

Below is a set of images considered under ArchCities influence of governance. The Solarcast Streamwork system is an independent ~liSupercorp which provides exclusive rights to SuperWikia material to ArchCities.

Area & Location

The official headquarters for ArchCities is at SuperWikia. The official count of ArchCities 3D Municipalities is continually growing due to the SuperWIkia 'Planetarium' massive drive to domesticate its inventory of terraform and other properties. Below is a general overview of ArchCities coverage:

Structure Term Definition:
Space Systems, Space Stations or Starfields: ArchCities is a distributed jurisdiction of 3D-based municipal bodies within over 19 different galaxies (solarstates) and its coverage includes onsite and offsite facilities.
Terraforms & Planets: The SuperWikia Planetarium has over 300 recorded terraforms and planets that ArchCities governs with a Senatorial Embassy installed at each on the 33rd parallel. These properties are considered acumen grade, meaning that they have the capacity to host an environment and habitable settlements.
Architectural Structures: As a rule of runtime logic, all structural Archcities are registered as being an 'Archtectural Structure'. This logic includes any location under consideration for hosting a tourney event, contest or competition in which all member citizen may participate. Also, proxeums and or guilds that submit their archtectural works to the tourney become recognized as the architect of such work, as provided by SuperWikia and ArchCities. All such submissions become the property of ArchCities.
Pathways & Other Bodies of Water: ArchCities maps out all of its water routes and other bodies of water such as seas and oceans (also known as 'Lavatories'. In order to prevent disputes and abuse or dilapidation of such, ArchCities retains rights to such waterways and bodies during the course of all tourney events.
Land, Landmarks, Landscapes or Fields: Within the coverage of its terraforms, ArchCities allocates designated and protected areas of land, landmarks and fields for natural observation and appreciation. This may include any land made subject to naturalization, reclamation or any other tourney process.
External Areas of Ships or In Orbit: The SuperWikia Space Highway System is also included under and in part by the ArchCties bylaws of operation. This includes all ArchCities mass transit, on ramp and off ramp areas, and all Tacquras located with the Highway system as a whole.
Ships, Vessels or Crafts: N/A

Other ArchCities Area & Location subjects include:

  • Battlefields, Battlegrounds & Proving Grounds
  • Resorts & Retreats (Post Engagement)
  • Attack/Assault Bases
  • Neutral Zones
  • Defense Buffer Zones & Barriers
  • Organization Headquarters (Proxeum or Guild)
  • Negotiation Summits & Treaty Grounds

These types of Areas & Locations are considered Administrative Areas; any topic are articles which viable content is outside of the jurisdiction of general ArchCities operations. Check often to see if these areas have been digested and documented.

People & Other Influence

This section is designated for 'People & Other Influences'. Articles generally include at least 5 characters and dominant influences in the central theme, try and include as many as would be needed. People & other influences are defind as anyone, character or being that is immediately involved in the protagonist Runtime progression of the story or article. That may include:

The important thing to highlight is the protagonist perspective, (or the 'good side' or virtue of the article). This should be built up through out the entire collection of articles which have the same theme or title. You may also use this as a leverage to support your Supermodel during tourney events.

When writing about people or influential supernumeraries, remember to give each a different personality trait, illustrating such traits in your Proxeum or Guild's dataplates for Supermodels, Characters or Entities.

Lead Opposition

Explanation of Development

Provide a simple Timeline and or Timestable of events and occurances from the original work and the current article. Be as detailed as possible and illustrate landmark occurances within the articles as a whole. Remeber to categorize any exhibits and provide a brief narrative on what to expect.


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SuperWikia Spec Forces- Air Defense SuperWikia Spec Forces- Air Defense

All other pertinent interactive graphics will be included as needed; this switchboard is subject to change.

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  • [[2] SuperWikia 'ArchCities'
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