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New Eras & Artistic Expression Within the SolosphereEdit

Prorosario in SuperWikia art is the cornerstone of all cultural development. The term Prorosario is defined as ...the periodicity of artistic development within a compilation of socio-spheres. The term was used by SuperWikia Senate members in establishing its collective appreciation of artwork and has carried over into mainstream Solosphere craftsmen terminology. Accordingly, the term covers a vast array of both time and space, indicating social standing, traditions, aspirations, preferences, legends, exemplars and socio-developments in almost every conceivable characteristic.

Birth of ProrosarioEdit

The ageless appreciation of artworks created during the progressive periods of Prorosarian curation gave light and inspiration to create works based upon the progression itself, as it reaches across celestial and inter-celestial planes to express an amass of cultural development within all of the SuperWikia collective bodies and expanses. Prorosarian artists have been commissioned by the SuperWikia Senate to create works that drape the walls of presidential mansions and other stately structures. Below is a breadth of the Prorosario and its timelines.

  • Lower Class Property (Lessor Progressives)
  1. Sadeic Precursor Period
  2. Triadician Period
  3. Artanyian Period
  4. Peauism Period
  5. Lumes Period
  6. Equiposian Period
  7. Sideral Period
  • Upper Class Property (Superior Progressives)
  1. Sonjanellian Period
  2. Tytonkan Period
  3. Abduliyian Period
  4. Papamelian Period
  5. Laolanian Period
  6. Ebonyian Period
  7. Sadeic Commensurate Period

Rise of the Semillionteur & The SangioveseEdit

The cultural blend of each of the periods eventually gave way to a new superior class; The Semillionteur. Perceived in art as being deified and partly agaeous entities, the Semillionteur are exemplified in social works as a unique feminine society of robust socialites seeking aesthetic purification of the era. Their campaign of beautification became an anthem of imperialism as they influenced every measure of social universalism. The Semillionteur were immediately preceded by the lessor culturally erect, yet just as aesthetically endowed Sangiovese (pronounced- 'son' + 'ya' + 'vase'); a remnant of the Semillionteur's inter-global campaign of feminine imperialism. The Sangiovese are more of a centerfold model, with striking physiognomy and their own sute of commensurates;

The Sangiovese Sutes

  • The Blanc Commensurate- or White as French Vanillia Ice Cream
  • The Rouge Commensurate- or Banana & Pineapple Mixed
  • The Artisian Commensurate- or Butterscotch
  • The Noble Commensurate- or Peanut Butter (more at 'spoon')
  • The Dark Commensurate- or Toffee as Orange Cream
  • The Orgrecco Commensurate- or Caramel
  • The Negress Commensurate- or Cream Chocolate

The Sangiovese are graded in two different classes, Tall (approximately 5'4 / 150lb) & Agrande' (approximately 6'9 / 200lb). Their artistic contribution spans from silk canvas works known as Sage Arrays embossed flattened wall busts known as Tricronic Busts, lacquer-finished elongated wall tapestries known as Adealiondeau Tapestry and various other domestic furnishing considered a status quo for the estate. The poses are varied according to artist genre and may include disciplines from famous artists of each era which add to both the value and the cultural appraisal.

One Series Supra Introvertos & the SIS Supra CulturasEdit

The One Series typically produced a specific class of arts known as the Supra Introverta (or Supra Introvertos; plural), while the SIS produce a different class known as Supra Cultura. The most significant difference in the works was notable by only trained specialists and museum custodians.

The Supra Introverta disciplines evolve during the Before Space (BS) era of the culture's vertical development. This period generally follows the Ravel style of deductory, the process of assimilation of Prorosario art into a society or social stratum. Ravel's evolution gave Supra Intraverta artists a cornerstone to build the foundation of contemporary works and specimen.

Diplomatic ContributionsEdit

Cadre Caduseus

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