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This page is designated for SuperWikia 'Author Grant Disclaimers'; a user template for establishing new articles, images and other submissions' authenticity, so issued by the publishing party.

Below is a functional copy of the disclaimer. (Note- The image in the example is only a sampler. It should not be used for tourneys without proper clearances.)

(Authors: Use this template as an attachment to all of your template materials and submitted properties.)

Use this Template to categorize your SuperWikia Author Grants to use you submitted works. This includes any textual, 2D or 3D works that are immediately on Stand-By, Tentative or Availability status option.

Author Grant Release
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Image Name
Base Title: Theme Title (of Image)
Storyboard ID: Your SuperWikia User ID
Semester Record: Number of Semester Subjects Filed
Tourney Ranking: Number of Partitions or Terraforms Filed
Applications Used: Name of Application Used to Create
Proxeum/Guild of Author: Name of Proxeum or Guild
Lead Opposition/Counter-measure: Active Opponent/Active Opposition
Electives Abstract: Number of Strategic Electives for Tourney
Status Availability: Stand-by/Tentative/Available Status
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Special Information[]

  • Audis Meridian 3
  • Oct. 18, 2025
  • Authors: Silo Graphics-Proxeum
  • Filename: Audis Meridian 3
  • User Num: 7654321
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Technical Information[]

  • Aux Meridian 3

This grant is for the Audis Meridian 3 image usage only. Thanks for trying my 'Audis Meridian 3' Supermodel image. This is a textured file converted to jpeg to upload.

We used the Debutante Base-Proxeum texture to create the base 3D figure ( Thanks, Debutante Base) She has eyes colorized and hair with light gravity-wind effect. We have supplied SuperWikia's 'Aesthetics Lab' with the necessary specifications for tourney competitions. You must be a member user to compete with this image.

To complete the user PREREQ, simply place your group, proxeum or guild's logo or decal on the attached dataplate and complete the infomation needed.

This grant may be used for filing Superwikia dataplates and templates. Categorization may be optimized using the Dataplate Library. Non-SuperWikia distribution is not authorized by this grant.

Good Luck with Audis Meridian 3

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Author Information[]

Copyright Information:

The contents of this product are copyright pending, 2010 by Silo Graphics-Proxeum All rights reserved.

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