This page is designated for the SuperWikia 'Bible Wars'; a Proxeum/Guild specialty category for all SuperWikia Tourney-Based events. Its purpose is to establish a centerpoint of reference for all Bible War participants and lay out the general ground rules for each event.

SuperWikia 'Bible Wars' OverviewEdit

Bible Wars are divided into two major categories; Bible Battles and Sadeic Battles. Bible Battles are basically for male characters and Supermodels while Sadeic Battles are for female characters and Supermodels. Each Proxium and or Guild may enter as many Bible / Sadeic articles as they can in order to gain a preferential position over their opposition. The same basic guidelines apply to all Bible Wars battles as regular SuperWikia tourneys.

Note: SuperWikia Strongly Encourages You to use the SuperWikia 'Project- Evolution 2000' template when constructing your 'Bible Wars' plan.

Selecting And Installing SecularcedesEdit

A Secularcede is a Supermodel or leading figure within the battle(s) of your works. An example of a secularcede would be of a heroine in an ancient greek mythology who saves an entire city from a mythological beast. Because of the brave and noteworthy campaign of the heroine, the city gives a great honor of ascension to the heroine.

To select a secularsede for your Proxeum or Guild, you must have a functional 2D or 3D layout of your work ready to be submitted according to a prescribed calendar of 52 weeks or 'Heats'. Each heat, your group will be showcased to determine which Battles have the most developed scripts, theme,etc..

Establishing Your Proxeum/Guild's Bible or SadeicEdit

A proxeum or guild is entitled to one bible and one sadeic to keep documentation of all stories and articles submitted by your group. Your bible should comply with SuperWikia Userpage guidelines and must be available for general circulation.

Establishing New & Existing WorksEdit

Articles or works created from original material and storyboards are categorized as a New Work; being that the material has not been taken from any source outside of the author's sphere of influence.

Typically, Biblical stories referring to traditional [1] stories of the two major compilations of Old Testament and New Testament; These types of works are defind as an Existing Work.

Lesson Plans & DataplatesEdit

Each Proxeum / Guild is strongly suggested to maintain a Bible Wars; Bible Battle- 'Lesson Plan' or a Bible Wars; Sadeic Battle- 'Lesson Plan' and to keep a listing of all Bible Wars; Bible Battle- 'Dataplate''s or Bible Wars; Sadeic Battle- 'Dataplate''s used during the battles. This is a one of the primary means of determining progression and ranking.

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