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New Dawn of the Ages; The ZyragonEdit

Bible Wars- Zyragon 1.1

Bible Wars- Zyragon 1.0 The enormous beast known as the Soldier of Fate or a Zyragon is a well preserved animal of the ancients. Its origins are stated as being from ancient scientist merging lizard genes with human growth hormones to create a new living creature. Generally, the Zyragon is not indigenious to acumen worlds and planets, but sometimes may be located in highly agasious sub-planets or moons. For ages, the Zyragon has been worshipped by secret cults and pagan religions as being the deliverer of justice against oppression; this is belived because the campaign of the practice certain Cartouche that observe the protected mating periods of Zyragon in isolated and unpopulated areas gives light to political husbandry and diplomatic representation.

Official Recognition of the ZyragonEdit

Adopted by ingenuity and space commerce, the Zyragon has become a symbol of administrative power and distinction within the fields of envoy delivery and referendum manifest. The Uninet's Zyragon System of conduct delivery and transport exemplifies the beast as being a powerful diplomatic and exchange leader during harsh times.

Overview of the Soldier of FateEdit

Bible Wars- Zyragon 1.1 Zyragon Battles

Dynamics of Proving GroundsEdit

Every solar year of numerous galaxy's prominent star system, a contest is to be tried and the proving grounds filled with the elite from all nations. At the proving grounds, enormous beasts of the Zyragon genius would be prepared to battle on a remote island of a small moon named Levianclacades; named after an ancient Zyragon that reigned for 1000 years.

A short time after the Zyragon battles, the ministries imposed a mandatory ceremony for both of the Eathis in wait; this ceremony entailed an elaborate ball and gathering of every dignitary from all of the combined planets and fleets in the galaxy. The Common Orders practiced the belief that this union would ratify the two forces of nature, from one end of the galaxy to the other until all things were accounted. This ceremony in essence mimiced the Soicumonova; the universal princple of physics in which all things exists, thus the namesake of the ceremonies.

Orders of the Zyragon GeniusEdit

Bible Wars- Zyragon 1.1 Zyragon Recorded Species

Speicies of Zyragon Trait Description Article Image
The Seclipses Enormous, yet slow genius with great strength
The Troseph Extremely loud rock shattering screech with sharp claws
The Ammagon Very fast and large with battle intelligence
The Ciratex Imitators, taunts prey until tired
The Yeldentphire Fire-breathing with very large wingspan
The Ballaxyian Ferocious and reputed fighter
The Rytemillian Derelict, generally does not fight well in captivity
The Ammastaph Very large head and mouth with strong tail
The Neuhausalla Bred as a champion showcase, typically in organized events
The Deccatondrian Battle genius, used by smaller Cartouche in proving rites
Zyragon Deccatondrian 'Bibliospeuter'
The Occuldentondrian Strong with heavy body scales and natural protection
The Naplesangelic Sacrificial, used as a stagmate or mulebait
The Sreignscrean Similar species as the Troseph, yet much larger and dangerous
The Talcold-Powdery Non-Battle bred breed used by ministries in purging rituals
The Amerephorian A champion fighter, generally the vicelord of the Levianclacades
The Phisterrochelle A breeder which produce strong strains of hybrid fighters
The Levianclacades Fastest and most feared fighter/soldier
The Erykacainetanite  ???
The Spentherrepent Mother of All Soldiers, the largest genius of battlers

Diplomatic ConstraintsEdit

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