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Superpedia Definition & Technical IntroductionEdit

SuperWikia Civic; an ArchCities runtime pecuniary unit of currency, considered as the standard unit of exchange for the Solosphere and its protectorate bodies; money. The civic is categorized in four (4) basic categories;

  1. The Public Civic- the smallest unit of currency issued on the ArchCities public identification card known as a ArchCities Site ID Badge Templet Civic Card. Generally issues a daily voucher of no greater than ~li2000 civics, which are relinquished at the end of the day and replinished the day thereof.
  2. The Addendum Civic- a larger denomination card issued by ArchCities secretariats to qualifying parties. Typically, they are issued in denominations of ~li5000 civics and are used for larger domestic items which must be cleared by an certified civics advisor before being released.
  3. The Treasury Civic- used by ~lisupercorps and larger consortiums for general exchange. Not accessible to non-incorporated parties.
  4. The Security Civic- a certificate of trust issued by ArchCities to secretariats for secretariat provisional expense and legis; especially a bill of particulars or a semester. Not accessible to ~lisupercorps or non-incorporated members.

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Explanation Within the Philabrone ProcessEdit

A SuperWikia Civic is generally categorized as an Enhanced Logic term, with emphasis on Schedules: as defind by Superpedia's required calendars of 52, 12, or 7 cyclic yearly activities of any given Assembly..

  • To Summarize: Its usage is a basic requirement in building semester tourneys and SIS property development.

Logic Dating (Term Usage Contributions & References)Edit


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