TheSuperWikia Engineering Deck- Shipyard DataplateEdit

Use this dataplate to categorize all of your SuperWikia Engineering Deck 3D images. This includes Space Craft, Spaceships, Space Stations and other vessel class construction. A complete list of specific classes of vessels can be located on The SuperWikia Engineering Deck.

SuperWikia Shipyard Dataplate- Version OneEdit

The dataplate in blue is version one. Its purpose is to provide a more detailed information listing for your ships and vessels. Its two columns contain the information needed from you and the space for the data to be entered. Each vessel has to have its own dataplate, except for the sub-fleet & shuttle craft data which should only establish yes or no responses. Fleet grade vessels should also be identified.

Ship / Vessel Name
SuperWikia Logo Set 10
SuperWikia Logo Set 13

Ship Image & Name

SuperWikia Shipyard Dataplate
Supercorp Manufacturer: Name of Key Construction Supercorp
Type & Model: Name of Ship's Class Type and Model
Active Charter: Name the SIS designated Charter
Particle Stream Value: List how many categories are attached to image/file
Lifegrid Data: State whether the vessel has life support
Engine Output (In Cuelos): State power outage / usage
Speed (In Throughbreds): State maximum speed of craft
Ship Primary Usage: State primary purpose of vessel
Ship & Vessel Architectural Data: State what type of material, armour, etc
Engineering Systems Data: List Engine Type & Manufacture
Lifegrid & Bay Carry Capacity Data: State crew capacity (by 1's, 10's, 100's & 1000's)
Lifegrid Data: State whether the vessel has life support
Propulsion Data: List whether vessel has galatic capability
Armament & Ancilliary Data: State whether vessel has defense systems
Tour of Duty & Decommission Data: State when vessel was constructed / decommissioned
Sub-Fleet & Shuttle Craft Data State whether vessel has sub-fleet units (fighters, etc)
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