This page is designated for the SuperWikia 'Earthweave & Civicware' user group. Its intent is to establish the development of SuperWikia Alpha 1.0 Earthweave and other Civicware programs to be distributed as user-friendly open source applications.

SuperWikia Alpha EarthweaveEdit

Earthweave is an open source 3D application developed under the SuperWikia Alpha 1.0 license which lets the user access all participating Earthbred establishments and locations using its animated 3D browser. It has plug-in capability compatible with popular 3D formats which allows for 3D characters and avatars to interact at the locations.

SuperWikia Alpha CivicwareEdit

Civicware is generally a documentation management application for homestead and domestic public ancilliary management. It provides templates for live interview, day reports (personal planning logs), member forums and wikis. It features SuperWikia Earthweave and SuperWikia Earthbred compatible content which allows automation of 3D meetings via chat and instant messaging plug-ins.

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