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SuperWikia 'Envoy Wars- The Game'

This portion of the wiki is based upon all 3D products, goods or services that which are offered to the ArchCitizens and or personnel of all SuperWikia-ArchCities Solosphere Runtime properties via a certified SuperWikia ~liSupercorp or lessor entity.

Below is a general overview of the Envoy War and its continued effort to establish new independent bodies with the ability to be recognized as a presence within the Solosphere's envoy systems.

SuperWikia Proxeums & Guilds Logo 1.2: Note: SuperWikia 'Envoy Wars- The Game' is not affiliated with SuperWikia 'Envoy Wars'. 'Envoy Wars- the Game' is powered in part by SuperWikia 'ArchCities'.

The New Session

Accordingly; each heat a new session is launched by SuperWikia to provide tourney-based interactive play between individual proxeums and or guilds. These sessions create the basis for the 'Envoy', a large Runtime treadway of manufactured items delivered within the Solosphere. Each Envoy may host any number of participants; none of which are required to compete against another party, proxeum or guild.

The Objectives

Each proxeum/guild recieves an opportunity call to produce as many new or improved Runtime domestic class products as possible during the initial period of the new session.

A directory of the Runtime Domestic Class Products is illustrated below.

Envoy Wars- 3D Brand Challenge: Sanitation & Custodial

SuperWikia 'Envoy Wars'
Runtime Domestic Class Product Directory
Sanitation & Custodial
Surface Polish.
Tile & Floor Cleaner.
All-Purpose Cleaner.
Pest Control.
Liquid Detergent.
Effect & Area Air Freshener.
Scouring Powder.


Envoy Wars- 3D Brand Challenge: Topical Care & General Cosemetics

SuperWikia 'Envoy Wars'
Runtime Domestic Class Product Directory
Topical Care & General Cosemetics
Skin Cream .
Tooth Floss.
Antiseptic Mouthwash.
Pedicure & Manicure Kits.
Lather & Gel Shave Cream.
Ear Swabs & Cotton Balls.
Scalp Oil & Hair Conditioner.


Envoy Wars- 3D Brand Challenge: Allergenic & Relief

SuperWikia 'Envoy Wars'
Runtime Domestic Class Product Directory
Allergenics & Relief
Skin Protectorants & Sun Screen.
Tooth Ache Medicine.
Athelete's Foot Medicine.
Extra Strength Anti-Acids.
Scalp & Dandruff Shampoo.


Envoy Wars- 3D Brand Challenge: Personal Effects

SuperWikia 'Envoy Wars'
Runtime Domestic Class Product Directory
Personal Effects
Soap Bars & Creams.
Enriched Lip Buam.
Personal Razors.
Antiperspirant Deordorant.


Envoy Wars- 3D Brand Challenge: Light Medicines

SuperWikia 'Envoy Wars'
Runtime Domestic Class Product Directory
Light Medicines
Sinus Medicines.
Talc Powder.
Anorectal Relievers.
Pain Reducers.
Light Rubbing Alcohol.
Enyma Inductorants.
Sinus & Migraine Relievers.


Envoy Wars- 3D Brand Challenge: Effeminine Products

SuperWikia 'Envoy Wars'
Runtime Domestic Class Product Directory
Effeminine Products
Shave Cream.
Effeminine Itch Relief.
Lipstick & Other Cosemetics.
Personal Douse Cleansers.
Advanced Menstral Controllers.
Scents & Perfumes.


Envoy Wars- 3D Brand Challenge: Shelflife & Supply

SuperWikia 'Envoy Wars'
Runtime Domestic Class Product Directory
Shelflife & Supply
Storage Bowls.
Trash & Storage Bags.
Aluminum Foil.
Paper Towels.
Light Bulbs.
Extra Strength Sponges.
Serving Plates (Plastic/Paper).


The Distribution Channels

All 'Envoy Wars' runtime events operate on the same distribution channels as the SuperWikia Supermodel Tourneys. It is not a requirement, but if any member wishes to participate then they may use the pre-established itinerary found at The SuperWikia Planetarium.

The channels are just that, 'channels' to the destination location of your selection. For example if you and your proxeum wanted to go compete in a heat against another proxeum on Sta Post, you would use a dataplate with all of the information from Sta Post in your articles.

Authors: Do not forget to substantiate your submissions! Images should be backed up with references to articles and other exhibits.

The Nationals

Take your envoy campaign national at the SuperWikia 'Envoy Wars' Nationals; a multi-level playing field in which your proxeum or guild competes for national territories and space. Based upon the tourney prinicple of multi-level playing, your team may compete against other teams (or alone) to see how many runtime brand products you can produce before the time expires. Use the SuperWikia 'Earthbred' Archives, the SuperWikia tourney itinerary or provide your own coverage area and supply chain.

The Ancilliary Value System

The SuperWikia 'Envoy Wars' Ancilliary Value System is a program established to protect proxeums and guilds and runtime consumers from anticipated situations directly related to the products and goods being produced. It works very similarly to an advisory system, notifying consumers of potential issues which may develop due to continued, long-term or misuse of the products. The Ancilliary Value System may be implemented into your product's artcle coverpage or product dataplate.

The SuperWikia 'General Staples Generic Product Index' is a listing for all SuperWikia products and goods. Use it to publish your finished works and to support your proxeum or guild.

The Rites of Passage & Elimination

The Brand Challenge Showcase

Sample Team Authors-Proxeum, Case No.: No. 12-3-456789-1
Information Starter: SuperWikia Logo Set 13
SuperWikia Team Authors-Proxeum
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