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No Fly Restrictions (Breach Media Insolvency Decisions)Edit

The incident known as the SIS Spacebase Closure initiated a catalyst within the SIS's infrastructure and its space diplomacy posture. It was the brainchild descendant of the One Series of terraforms and inhabitable planets which were deemed to be lost properties and collateral damage brought about by the Insolvency. The closures prohibited all space travel and a great electromagnetic/electrostatic polarized field was placed around the outer atmospheres of the planets to enforce the decisions of the Senate.

Overview of ConflictsEdit

Planned and existing military spacebases and battlestar systems were high upon the agenda of the Senate for closure due to the continuing pillaging and piracy in those areas. Approximately 1630 spacebases within the SIS star systems were up for decommissioning, not including the ground spaceports (if applicable) and any future projects of exploration. Senate funding for further research was cut by at least 88% of operating FOC (Facilitative Operational Capacity) and soldiers stationed at the spacebases were deployed into deep space duty tours and tourneys.

Dynamics of MandatesEdit

In a unanimous decision of the Senate, The Space Accessibilty Mandate was launched against the lower class properties of the SIS. This decision affected all governmental bodies and entites whithin the selected lower class properties which were not already at or above the space accessibility level; entire Senatorial semesters were passed down prohibiting and imposing ancilliary mandates against:

  1. Building and Planning Space System Funding
  2. Revenue Sources Based On Satellite Systems
  3. Applications & Personal Computing Technologies
  4. Navigational, Medical & Hybrid Media Equipment
  5. Developments & Settlements
  6. Offsite Occupations & Employment Training
  7. Newscasts & Weather Report Delivery

Basically all civilian-based operations were sanctioned heavily and the taxation systems on those planets were excised until they were declared presumptive properties and comprehensively expendable. The commercial sectors were subjected to exuberant fees and penalties and consumable goods were reformulated to expidite final disposition. A special amalagraphics taskforce was commissioned to oversee all explicit activity conducted by the remaining population and were followed by enforcement agencies that policed each offense without haste. The only trace of advanced civilization on those planets was through the now pirated media service providers who produced deep house and squawk box media expliotations. They were politically disassocited from the SIS.

Other Actions and SanctioningEdit

Space Systems Total Closures Approx Personnel
Sonjanella Solarstate 180 Spacebases 1,988,000mil

Diplomatic ConstraintsEdit

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