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Brandon Staples (SuperWikia Senate 'Solar-Scholastic & PRE-COL Chief Lieutenant Officer') As administered under the administration of B. Staples (SuperWikia Senate 'Solar-Scholastic & PRE-COL Chief Lieutenant Officer')

SuperWikia Equiposial & Officer Training Electives
Course Selections & Descriptions
SIS Space Protocol Courses
SuperWikia Equiposial Courses: SuperWikia Degree Offering Level Description
Equipoisal Clad Proofing Directorate or Higher Studies the equiposial system; the clad captioning process and how each relates to the purgentile administration. Also investigates the quadradic system’s compilation patterns.
Calibaudics Armature or Higher Testing parametrics in calibaudic environments; including micro-socio-physics, cellspace settings for regional technical programming and disciplines.
Conduct Systems Nomenclature or Higher Assesses the Conduct System as a whole, component recognition, its historcial almanac and lineal contributions of its founding administration.
Pagentry Nomenclature or Higher Principles of pagentization; scientific formulas and comparative study of pagents, applications used in space and earthwork environments.
Signal to Text*** Burden or Higher Language underwriting for SigTxt; source codes, transcribing, ascension columns, preambles, language translators, engagement routines and script litigation.
Technology Dialoguges Scripts (TDS) Registrat or Higher Equiposial uses of technology and the investigative study of amalagraphic language; internal dialogue (intellegence) external dialogue (data) and the O/E process.
Tincture Environments Occuldent or Higher Stablized and Non-Stablized cell space settings for engineering studies; introduction to material modification and conduct logistics for tinctured applications.
WAD/HRS Programming *** Burden or Higher Series on WAD/HRS knowledge systems; commercial and industrial reports for WAD/HRS drafting and routine scripts. Continues with the dalance downtracing procedure and the comprehensive index sadeic.
17++ Registrat or Higher Typical and Advanced languages for the lineage program used to manipulate oversized and other firm processor units. Also the perpetual 17++ portable application for FOC & R-FOC.
7-13 Mainframe Nomenclature or Higher Addresses the common environment infrastruct, the mainframe and its framework outlay; matriculation and remittal processes as well as an introduction to the COI instructional system.
Agent Affairs Armature or Higher Placement recognition and career information for permenant EPAO; emphasizes agent development and deployability options during pre-secedency.
Agent Orientation Nomenclature or Higher Leading course for orientation; concourse of the TARGET program and processing point for inductive resourcing and debriefing management.
Armory Systems Directorate or Higher Explains the armory concept; exploded and non-exploded armory system outlay, effective ranges for O/E programming acquisition and multi-platform recognition for the FIN-POD quarry.
BADEL Occuldent or Higher Standard underwriting for Bi-Axel Distributed Encode Language (BADEL) ornate systems; investigates BADEL chests, resorts/settlement codes, arguement prompts, nests for FIN/POD, datelines, operating data and nomenclature claims.
Basis Management Registrat or Higher Studies actuarial caseloads and assurance issues which are rasied during litigations; classical Basis Management for Intrasession drafting as well as divisory grade case processes and occurance management.
BRANDON Armature or Higher Tactical measure observation and a model security panel on the BRANDON protocol and beam applications for the Bi-Axel Radiation Accelerated Nanostrophic Distribution for Oscillated Navigation systems.
Campaign Operations Nativity or Higher Assesses campaign platforms and the semester; trimesters and the antebellum. Also includes an overview the official uninet contiguosity COI.
Cesium Compositions Burden or Higher Processes in chemistry which utilizes the cesium factor in various approches to investigate the tandem properties of the base constituient and its universal coherency.
Crafting Directorate or Higher Large and oversized FOC/R-FOC delivery systems; rules and regulations for configuration and operational specification of crafts, hulls and craftwork within the conduct system. Also includes rover/router ED-C2 units.
Crayon Textilics Nomenclature or Higher EIO conferencing on the industry; exposure to the quill, its monolethal environments and its impact upon the slate exchange. Also crayon tinctures and textile solutions for modification components.
Data Fleet Navigation Burden or Higher Seme-Tract; the acronymial procession within the cell craft/cell craft hierarchy of systems. (see also Zyragon Couriers)
Data Foundry Systems Armature or Higher Specialized excavation of modified properties; forge processing, thoreaus, buroughs, vincents and other site specifications used during the foundry lifecycle.
Decadential Studies Registrat or Higher Task management in decadential sciences; includes inherepurics, amalagraphics, maintenance and undercare applications and decadential environmental psychology.
Draft Dynamics Nomenclature or Higher Advanced drafting techniques and tenet organization skills; (PDRM) uses properties of WAD/HRS sadeic architectural works and also examines the burden degree structure and how it effects the draft process.
Equipoise Management Directorate or Higher Placement perspectives of the equiposial systems; investigates propensities in the existing administration and invokes the conduct system as a whole into the purgentile process. Also covers detailed tasking and resourcing.
Exhibition Display Nomenclature or Higher Learning process for EPAO management; ED-C2 environments and introduction to the coachline concept. Also addresses exhibit-display ethics and courtesy during engagement.
Extant Dynmaics Occuldent or Higher Emphasizes extantation as being the primary energy principle of the the uninet system by means of convection and para-convection comparison; primer in commercial physics and divisory icon logistics.
Facilitative Measuring** Burden or Higher Study of FM-TiPD facilities; testing on FM threshold, level and capacity configurations and parameterics. Also addresses the microplex and quality delivery systems for FM-TiPD providers.
FIN/POD Registrat or Higher Structured FIN/POD programming language instruction for BADEL /LPATSA underwriting; includes nest behavior, reader inclination, armaturization, networking, data structure, operational envelopes and nest rearing.
Hanger Management Nomenclature or Higher Testing module for drafting and crafting courses; incorporates hanger outlay, divisory icon cubicles, storage (foldgers) and deployment (pringles) and other space management techniques.
Iconic Formations Armature or Higher Addresses the iconic states of divisory logistics during routine and tactical choreography; modification patterns and tandem trends, kenetic enhancement and telemetry, cell space quantification and cell craft extantation.
Immension Theroms Occuldent or Higher Perspective theory in oversize applications of uninetic properties; sideral, tapestry, azimuths and other assymetrical placement principles used in equiposial sciences.
International Treaty Directorate or Higher Laboratory on the 33rd parallel; its adversarial and strategic positioning and how the Uninet Administration plays a vital role in addressing international balance.
Intrasession Procedrals Nativity or Higher Edition playhouse and journal review of the Procedral; the PDRM manifest and how it supports the Uninet as a whole and also an observation of privy transcribes on record.
JAL/LOV Burden or Higher Service based JAL/LOV applications and equipment schematics; divisory regulations on JAL/LOV service providers and overview of the service type designator system (STD).
Leniunom Research Registrat or Higher Studies the archival methodology of obsolete and advanced lineage systems; addresses knowledge based applications for FM-TiPD systems and is the keynote of the Uninet Pre-COL adminstration.
Lineage Systems*** Armature or Higher Technical oulay of the lineage firm & temporal skeleton system; the dialogue used by each generation and also intercourse. Includes high-end lineage system devices and commons.
Material Modification Occuldent or Higher Applications in CCS/MBS processes; the testadle and autopodium procedral in mechanical marketspans and environmental regulations for linearization.
Media *** Nomenclature or Higher Placement of content and compilations of media; legal implications and repercussion of breach of media. Also, quanitative residential services (QRS) research.
Micro-Psychographics** Directorate or Higher Longitudinal study of the microplex; transcribing, armaturization, psycho-thesis, lead transcribing and effective dating for the ED-C2 MIRT system. The primary course for IHT-TiPD conferencing.
Modularization Occuldent or Higher Efficiency management of foldger / pringle sub and bi-products of the conduct system; studies modular portability of ED-C2 and oversize applications used by drafter engineers.
Monoethlalics Studies Occuldent or Higher Specialized tandem applicational physics; research projects in tandem movements, antiatomony and the monolethalic properties, includes abodic / nomadic film projections.
Nomenclature Studies Armature or Higher Studies the nomenclature system; the LPATSA administration and compilational methodologies of Uninet COI acronymials. Includes history review and oratorial analysis sessions.
Observatory Networking Nomenclature or Higher Technical critique of individual administration and the exhibits in which each have erected honoring the Uninet and its divisories. Includes coachline tour overview of works and displays.
Occuldent Studies Directorate or Higher Assesses the occuldent industry; protofault outlay and applications in commercial usage, meteorology and BRANDON tracking systems as each are used in space commerce and research.
Pentelebethetics Registrat or Higher Pagent codes and basic language underwriting; includes the entire pentelebethetic system and manipulator codes and solutions. Also addresses hierarchial dialogue and intercourse.
Perchirithmics Nomenclature or Higher Lessons in occuldent mathmatic progression; streamlining the IYC/IYC2 into sub-components and by-products for scientific application in space and satellite navigations and FIN/POD logistics.
Physical Training Burden or Higher Exercises and choreographic management for FM-TiPD applications; used by Pre-COL, EPAO and several other permenent components as a mandatory requirement of induction/ascension.
Product Delivery Armature or Higher Systems overview of the conduct system’s product delivery logistics; divisory guidelines and negotiation conferencing for uniformed FEMALE contoured filings. Also includes CCS/MBS trade.
Project Case Management Nomenclature or Higher Special studies; investigates breach media of divisory and bureau cases and measure the negative impact of confidential records during litigation. Includes basis management.
Protofault Movement Occuldent or Higher Test directorate and non-certified divisory requirement; researches integrity and other levels of boundaries / borders of occuldent properties. Includes flagform preamble introduction.
Proxy Sciences Registrat or Higher Applications in proxying for FM-TiPD management; proxy residents address WAD-HRS programming, the microplex and a brief introduction to undercare management.
RFOC Occuldent or Higher Portability of the FOC occupational caseload and operating procedures; overview of the Dominaunt Agency, its position within the Uninet Administraton and EPAO management.
Slate Techtonics Directorate or Higher Level progression and equiposial tincturization processes and applications; addresses the slate exchange, its effective position in the Uninet- TICS system and other regulatory issues.
Space Management Registrat or Higher Examines space management; from its early advents to the present day tenet exhibits and commercialized flagforms. Also includes techniques in efficiency and launch systems.
Spectrum Physics Armature or Higher Spectrum of commercial and engineering physics as applied and administered by the Uninet Administration. Addresses palatials and tapestry components, as well as theorems and exemplars.
Systems Administration Directorate or Higher Study of Uninet platforms and the uninet; incorporates managerial placards and ensignia into the administrative agenda. Also discusses the executive chain of command and detailing.
Temporal Systems*** Burden or Higher Technical diagnostics on the temporal component; its place in the conduct and the entire sphere program as it opens communication channels for the temporal lineage industries.
TERO Nomenclature or Higher Applications of management in TERO dialogue; studies the TERO system and its investigative powers within the Uninet. Also covers policy underwriting, overwriting and undercare.
Territorial Management Occuldent or Higher Purgentile administration; divisory litigations and seizeship privilege within directortate and non-territorial issues. Addresses differentiate suits and transcribes as a keynote.
TI Occuldent Industrial Reports Nativity or Higher Listing and statements for the 9000 certified staples; oratorial review and analysis of mandatory filings with the FEMALE administration and report projections.
Traversal Dynamics Registrat or Higher Equiposial study of traveration; crafting of purified streamflow based upon the preform, inductant and range triodes. Also covers flagforms and quadradic formulas for FM-TiPD applications.
Uninet Law Administration Occuldent or Higher Speciality course for TERO officers; includes global administration practice (GAP) and other merchantile issues, policies and rulings.
Uninet Studies Directorate or Higher Serial course on the Gamma Project; effective measures and initiatives used as well as buffer zone campaigns. Also addresses administrative and tenet contributions and benchmarks.
VAN Applications*** Burden or Higher Training for VAN iTY system applications; basic circuitry, solid state, sigTxT conversions and FM-TiPD interface. Also looks at commercial channels and divisory guidelines for operations.
Versirithmics Armature or Higher Adversary encode language of the BADEL system; studies continuity and signal recovery, tincture recognition and intorduction to the march wave and craft wave concept.
Antiatomony Armature or Higher Perfected and enhanced proofing analysis of uninetic laws of stratum evolution theory and universal composition; also suports the philabrone process and its dominant role in anti-atomic detergents and isolators.
Testadle & Autopodium Environments Directorate or Higher Longitudinal psychological studies in COI thesis format covering topics within the equiposial system; also addresses oratorial posture and dissertation delivery systems.
Verticate Theoreoms Nomenclature or Higher Practical applications in vertical environments; including palatial progression, R-FOC channels, conduct tincturization and pylon thereoms.
Zyragon Courier & Sentinel Systems Nativity or Higher Lessons in executive couriers; the sentinel and its function in conduct delivery, seal clads and also TERO code solutions. Includes Zyragon Officer

Ensignia study and uninet vexology.

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