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The SuperWikia 'Neural Signal' Administration is a system established to regulate medical and healthcare delivery to colonized and established regions under ArchCities jurisdiction. Its establishment symbolizes the pulse of universal and Uninetic Sciences and maintains a keynote position in securing galactic and inter-galatic colonization and settlements. Neural Signal was a prodigy ~liSupercorp under the Uninet before it was introduced to SuperWikia's Solosphere solarstates as its primary healthcare delivery system. Technology and medical breakthroughs have improved the Administration's mission to provide quantitative and qualitative healthcare options to all members covered under its bylaws. ArchCities provides chartered and envoy-based provisions for all Neural Signal programming. Its means of delivery is via the Solarcast Streamworks 'Transcom' system; a comprehensive collective of ~liSupercorp and space communication providers. Neural Signal covers mostly all of the ArchCities coverage areas.

Typical Sites & Facilities

Mostly all of the ArchCities Neural Signal based facilities are located 'onsite', meaning that they only service regions on the terraform or planet in which the ~liSupercorp protectorate is stationed. SuperWikia Neural Signal sites are generally 'offsite', or they would basically be located on spacecraft, spacestations or other types of structures. A Neural Signal facility may host an 'infirmary', a place in which incubators, biostills and other life support systems are used.

Some facilities are only for space and service grade military personnel, these types of facilities are typically found on bases and posts and strict identification policices are enforced. Such facilities have a faster turn-a-round on in patient and outpatient care due to the technologies used and the immediate need to deliver qualitative services.

Application In Space

Spacecrafts and other offsite facilities have a very different approach to Neural Signal case management than that of onsite facilities due to the types and locality of traffic in which they maintain. Advancement in techhnology allow for 'quantum medicine' to be practiced, using 3D imagery to produce detailed graphics of diseases and condition progression. As a benchmark, Neural Signal standards for SuperWikia facilities are practiced under extreme scientific conditions and rarely affect the models and other parties onboard such sites.

The Lynnorlean Class
SIS Lynnorlean Class Fleet Vessel

Lynnorlean Class Vessel

vessel is a landmark in SIS technological development. Each hosts a large medical facility for space military and offsite inpatient care and also has one of the largest infirmary wards of all fleet vessels of its kind. Its science laboratories are known as the 'Think Tanks of the Fleet' because of their large personnel boarding facilities and leisure environments; boasting wooded areas, lakes, shopping pavillions and other notable sights.

Mostly all SIS fleet vessels have a small hospital ward or medical section in which patients are seen. Neural Signal's 'lavalier systems' allow for around the clock monitoring of patients for diagnostic and other purposes. The transparency applications used allow doctors and staff to access patient records without disturbing the natural habitat or productivity of the patient. This is a standard indemnity for all fleet-grade and land based facilities.

Powerplants & Mass Compliers

Neural Signal covers a very broad scope of regions, planets, solar systems and galaxies. This requires a very large amont of energy and power. Neural Signal uses the SIS 'Pulse Generator' to operate its massive powerplants; the large satellite-type of transcievers used to transmit and recieve extremely large amounts of information from space. The Shima-Kogalgeisha ~liSupercorp make the generators, which are powered by the same
Lana Lakes Aerospace Facility (Isiessi Engine)

'Isiessis Engines' Pulse Generator

'Isiessi Engines' used during the long-range SuperWikia space tourneys and envoys.

The method of processing the large amounts of information is via the 'mass compilers' used by the space military. All voluminous transmissions of information are required to undergo a mandatory screening at the mass compiler stations by the Space Military; more specific, the SuperWikia SuperWikia Spec Forces (Black Space Defense) Black Space Forces and the SuperWikia SuperWikia Spec Forces- Air Defense Air Defense Forces.

Lifeforce Systems & Combat

Earthbred Relief Campaign

In many under-developed and heavily mandated lower class properties and solarstates, healthcare is treated as a very controversial issue. The SuperWikia 'Neural Signal; Earthbred Relief' Campaign is an outreach sub-committee established to ensure that such younger solarstates and dis-associated planetary systems have the opportunity to recieve adequate and tax free healthcare.

Special Support

Neural Signal is devoted to its Earthbred Relief campaign and has launched a massive 'Clean Health' drive to support existing occupied and exploited solar systems and administrations. In amassing the accountability issue of global leaders and powers, Neural Signal has endorsed a full fledged Bill of Health before its Senate Committee to merge all existing healthcare and telecommunications industry service providers under a single united healthcare bill; The Universal Neural Signal Act; which prohibits any supercorp or other service provider from charging its consumer populations for healthcare delivery systems and services. This act has been the flagship for Neural Signal and has established clean healthcare for all of its constituient bodies.


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