This page is designated for the SuperWikia 'Procession Archives', a collection of previously circulated articles and exhibits based upon the Ethinic Procession concentration of characters and other 'Runtime' personalities. Each Procession maintains its own semester and dataplate.

(Authors: When submitting your author dataplate, you should only have one (1) Procession. This is your homebase and main point of orientation for your dataplate and all articles posted by you.)

Scientific & Universal ProcessionEdit

  1. SuperWikia 'Philabrone Procession' Chromatic Male (Black-Non Caucasian)
  2. SuperWikia 'Philicus Procession' Achromatic Male (White-Caucasian)
  3. SuperWikia 'Leerphacel Procession' Chromatic Female (Black-Non Caucasian)
  4. SuperWikia 'Carphacel Procession' Achromatic Female (White-Caucasian)

Earthbred ProcessionsEdit

Authors: Do not forget to use a 'Dataplate' during tourney tours.

SuperWikia- 'South Asian/Indian Procession'Edit

SuperWikia- 'South Asian/Indian Procession'

  1. Sanskrit Indo-Centurian Soldier; EXO
  2. Sanskrit Indo-Centurian Employable;
  3. Sanskrit Indo-Centurian Laborforce;
  4. Sanskrit Indo-Centurian Professional;
  5. Sanskrit Indo-Centurian Academic;
  6. Sanskrit Indo-Centurian Theologic;
  7. Sanskrit Indo-Centurian Sociolite;

SuperWikia- 'Tawainese/Chinese Procession'Edit

SuperWikia- 'Tawainese/Chinese Procession'

  1. Trans Asiatic-Centurian Soldier; EXO
  2. Trans Asiatic-Centurian Employable;
  3. Trans Asiatic-Centurian Laborforce;
  4. Trans Asiatic-Centurian Professional;
  5. Trans Asiatic-Centurian Academic;
  6. Trans Asiatic-Centurian Theologic;
  7. Trans Asiatic-Centurian Sociolite;

SuperWikia- 'African/American Procession'Edit

SuperWikia- 'African/American Procession'

  1. African Nubian-Centurian Soldier; EXO
  2. African Nubian-Centurian Employable;
  3. African Nubian-Centurian Laborforce;
  4. African Nubian-Centurian Professional;
  5. African Nubian-Centurian Academic;
  6. African Nubian-Centurian Theologic;
  7. African Nubian-Centurian Sociolite;

SuperWikia- 'Pacific Union/Polynesian/Samoan Procession'Edit

SuperWikia- 'Pacific Union/Polynesian/Samoan Procession'

  1. Poly-Centurian Soldier; EXO
  2. Poly-Centurian Employable;
  3. Poly-Centurian Laborforce;
  4. Poly-Centurian Professional;
  5. Poly-Centurian Academic;
  6. Poly-Centurian Theologic;
  7. Poly-Centurian Sociolite;

SuperWikia- 'Latin American/Central Amercian Procession'Edit

SuperWikia- 'Latin American/Central Amercian Procession'

  1. Latin-Centurian Soldier; EXO
  2. Latin-Centurian Employable;
  3. Latin-Centurian Laborforce;
  4. Latin-Centurian Professional;
  5. Latin-Centurian Academic;
  6. Latin-Centurian Theologic;
  7. Latin-Centurian Sociolite;

SuperWikia- 'European/Euroasian Procession'Edit

SuperWikia- 'European/Euroasian Procession'

  1. Euro-Centurian Soldier; EXO
  2. Euro-Centurian Employable;
  3. Euro-Centurian Laborforce;
  4. Euro-Centurian Professional;
  5. Euro-Centurian Academic;
  6. Euro-Centurian Theologic;
  7. Euro-Centurian Sociolite;

SuperWikia- 'South Amercian/Mediterrainean Procession'Edit

SuperWikia- 'South Amercian/Mediterrainean Procession'

  1. Rio-Centurian Soldier; EXO
  2. Rio-Centurian Employable;
  3. Rio-Centurian Laborforce;
  4. Rio-Centurian Professional;
  5. Rio-Centurian Academic;
  6. Rio-Centurian Theologic;
  7. Rio-Centurian Sociolite;

Laborforce & EPAO ClassificationsEdit

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