SuperWikia 'Project- Evolution 2000'


This page is designated for the SuperWikia Project Evolution 2000 development. Its purpose is to establish information on the 'Project' (Herein also known as 'PE 2000') and its intent to provide SuperWikia members with improved options and capability.

Evolution Campaign Building

SuperWikia allows its members to edit and create their own storyboards and character development; 'Evolution Campaign Building' is an extention of that by means of streamlining improved histography and culturally correct material for the creation of new storyboards and character. Building a campaign envolves:

  1. Building Up A 'Storyboard'
  2. Reporting Individual 'Time Periods'
  3. Accumulating Each Generation's 'Amenities & Assets'
  4. Narrating From Each Period A 'Profile Personality'
  5. Developing A 'Lifecycle Campaign'
  6. Organizing An 'Evolution Dateline'
  7. Nominate A Newly Elected 'Stardate Fleet'

Logging Your PE 2000 Missions

During any particular heat, you or your team may elect to buildup your Stardate. Building and logging your Stardate requires a general comprehension of SuperWikia User Knowledge; it's basic disciplines reinforce this function of:

Building a single partition or terraform up until the 2000th General Session (Runtime cycle) or the 2000th article submission of your Proxeum or Guild. This buildup period should include semester returns, tourney reports and other SuperWikia related principles and logic.

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