GENERAL OUTLINE FOR SUPERWIKIA PROXEUM OR GUILD TECHNOLOGY POLICY (*This Proxeum or Guild Policy Template is also available at


SuperWikia Proxeum & Guild Technology PolicyEdit

  • The Hardware Association Workshop Administrative Industry Information Conference-

The HAWAII Project is an administrative installation for training and developmental studies for SuperWikia Proxeum & Guild Technology Policy and all SuperWikia's tourney-based applications. Its overall objectives for application consist of:

  1. Section 1. SuperWikia 'Basis Management in Technology'
  2. Section 2. SuperWikia 'Referendum Delivery Systems'
  3. Section 3. SuperWikia 'Association Management Networking'
  4. Section 4. SuperWikia 'Non-Compensory Database Systems'
  5. Section 5. SuperWikia 'Domestic Policy & Intellectual Property Underwriting'
  6. Section 6. SuperWikia 'Occurrance Management in Technology'
  7. Section 7. SuperWikia New & Original Equipment Manaufacturing Systems'


Technology Policy Uniform CodeEdit

The SuperWikia Technology Park (aka- Technology Center) adheres and conforms to a uniform code of technology development. Its combined proxeum and guild contributions make up the codes' operating codex, which works in conjunction with the SuperWikia 'Advanced Terminology Index' in constructing article coherency and continuity. Below is a listing of the codex and its core components:

Service Based Transcribed Materials-

  1. Section 1. Signal Products
  2. Section 2. Technology Products
  3. Section 3. Application Products
  4. Section 4. Processing Products
  5. Section 5. Logrithm Products
  6. Section 6. Electronic Products
  7. Section 7. System Products

Productivity Based Transcribed Materials-

  1. Section 8. Network Productivity
  2. Section 9. Online Productivity
  3. Section 10. Directory Productivity
  4. Section 11. Node Component Productivity
  5. Section 12. Anode Component Productivity
  6. Section 13. Resistor Component Productivity
  7. Section 14. Board Family Productivity


Acting Statement of Underwriters IntentEdit

  1. Section 1.
  2. Section 2.
  3. Section 3.

(List additional information)


Preparation of Realtime & Runtime TechnologyEdit

  1. Section 1.
  2. Section 2.
  3. Section 3.

(List additional information)


Launching SuperWikia Synchronized Technology CampaignsEdit

(List any additional responsibilities)


Enactments & CeremoniesEdit

  1. Section 1.
  2. Section 2.


SuperWikia Technology Policy Revisions & AppealsEdit

  1. Section 1.
  2. Section 2.
  3. Section 3.



  • Section 1. There must be public notice on the Proxeum or Guild User Page at least five (5) tourney session days in advance.
  • Section 2. There must be a meeting at least once a month (every 4 heats).
  • Section 3. There must be a quorum (a quorum is 50 percent plus 1 of the active membership) present in order to initiate a new General Session campaign theme.
  • Section 4. Minutes must be kept of all Berth/Behrothal action with the Proxeum or Guild secretary.
  • Section 5. The Custodian of Records will need to make a written and oral report (Podcast) at least once a month at the meeting concerning Lead Opposition Filings status.
  • Section 6. (List any additional responsibilities)



  1. Section 1. The standing committees (or teams) of this Proxeum or Guild shall be appointed as necessary,

with the aforementioned committees to conduct and maintain the business of the General and Superior Sessions by means completing the Proxeum/Guild's PRIME DIRECTIVES of recording all articles, required dataplates, decals, endicia and other submissions according to the committee's progressive calendar-

  1. SuperWikia 'Dataplate- Solosphere Starter Team'; commits to 26 to 52 articles per session heat
  2. SuperWikia 'Dataplate- Solosphere Trial Team'; commits to 78 to 104 articles per session heat
  3. SuperWikia 'Dataplate- Solosphere Assembly Team'; commits to 130 to 156 articles per session heat
  4. SuperWikia 'Dataplate- Solosphere Preamble Team'; commits to 182 to 208 articles per session heat
  5. SuperWikia 'Dataplate- Solosphere League Team'; commits to 234 to 260 articles per session heat
  6. SuperWikia 'Dataplate- Solosphere Electorate Team'; commits to 285 to 312 articles per session heat
  7. SuperWikia 'Dataplate- Solosphere Stature Team'; commits to 338 to 364 articles per session heat

(list specific sub-committee titles, if any and brief description of each committee. Do not leave this italicized section in your final constitution.)



  1. Section 1.

The role of the advisor is to:

  1. Serve as the official staff representative of SuperWikia University.
  2. Work closely with the Proxeum or Guild to ensure a cooperative relationship between the advisor, and the Proxeum or Guild membership.
  3. Assist each officer of the Proxeum or Guild in understanding their duties.
  4. Give particular attention to the authorship activities of the group & members.
  5. Assist Users/Members to understand and apply democratic principles within their own sub-committees, and working with others during tourneys.
  6. Be present for all official Proxeum or Guild meetings and activities (business and social), and to advise Users/Members of the policies and procedures which they must follow as a Proxeum or Guild/organization.
  7. Ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to ensure the safety, and welfare of Proxeum or Guild members.
  8. Ensure that appropriate University policies are upheld.
  9. To sign all Proxeum or Guild/organization requisitions for the Proxeum or Guild/organizations, and to make sure that 1) their student Custodian of Records or (co)president signs it and 2) that the expenditure is correct within all existing policies.

(List any additional responsibilities)



  1. Section 1.



  1. Section 1.



  1. Section 1. Any amendment change requires a two-thirds vote at a general Proxeum or Guild meeting and must then be approved at the SUPERWIKIA SENATE CHAMBERS Officers’ Agenda Meeting.
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