This is the Official Ancilliary Home of Ancilliary One; a non-profit 527 Organization established for the development of civicware applications and consumer homestead awareness advocacy. Ancilliary One hosts the Office of the Ancilliary, the centralized governance component for all ancilliary research and causeworthy campaigning conducted on behalf of its members and the population at large. Our prime directive is to help protect the rights and liberties of the homestead through research and scientific testing. Please log in to join or use this 'browse or else' wiki to increase your knowledge of our organization.

Ancilliary One: Study Groups Support
  • Our study groups are an extension of the Ancilliary One Study Groups at Yahoo!. Each study group specializes in a particular area of study which directly relates to the homestead and general consumer awareness issues. Research has proven that developing routines for healthy living increases quality of living greatly. Please feel free to join one or more of our study groups.
Ancillary One: Tele-Commutes
  • The main article generation vehicle used by Ancilliary One is the Tele-Commute. Each study group is licensed by this site to collect and gather information from various sources pertaining to the betterment of the homestead and the enhancement of quality of living standards for consumers. Such articles may be in Realtime or Runtime format. Realtime is any article written upon a topic focused on open source and civicware development; Runtime is any article submitted which illustrates consumer activity and lifestyles.

How do the Ancilliary One Tele-Commutes Work? The study groups participate in what are known as Table Sessions in which each member of the group commits to generating articles and other supporting materials unto their group's homepage and namespace. At the end of each heat (or every week), a general tally is taken to determine which study group has completed the most articles. The Current Heat is 14.

Ancilliary One: Advocate Workshops
Ancilliary One: Project Management
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