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SuperWikia 'Religions & Mythologies'[edit | edit source]

This page is designated for the SuperWikia 'Religion & Mythodologies' articles and other issues. Its intent is to create an available resource for authors and users to access information on religious bodies and entities which have been exemplified by means of 3D art, graphics or other means of animation.

Basic Rules & Instructions[edit | edit source]

Each major area of data is collected in an 'Information Table', shown below in the transparent box. Its contains two columns of information to show the reader/user-

  • The Major Topic of the Article
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User and Author posts are collected in one of two of the 'Article Tables', the brass table is for articles which fall directly under the main topic(s) of the Information Table. The chrome table is for sub-articles of individual topics of the Information Tables. Each article is to be accompanied by a narrative thesis or short paragraph explaining the nature of the article and any links that might be useful to the reader.

The Religions & Mythologies Dataplates are slightly different than normal dataplates in that they represent established or expressed religious faiths and beliefs. These dataplates may use the Datashield and or the Lifeforce labeling to improve overall scoring and credit.

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Spiritual Beings & Entities[edit | edit source]

(Note: The '*' illustrates a Realtime Entity. A '+' illustrates a Runtime Entity.)

Spiritual Title Technical Abbreviation Appendage
Beings RAM01 *Allah; *Angels; +Astacy; +Phorsis; *Brahma; *Buddha; *Christ; *God; +Gu'Auual; +Jinni; *Juno; +Rena; *Vishnu; *Zeus; +Prones; +Arizona; +Satha
Religious Forces RAM02 +Good; *Ying/Yang; +Solveig Oaths; *Time; *Zen; +The Pulse; +Soicumonova; Hokalme/Houame
Avatars RAM03 *Jesus; *Moses; *Mohammad; +Habatchii; +Lana; *Krisna; *Dali Lama; *Hercules; *Vanessa Del Rio; +Superwatha; +Pamazon; +Bionessa; +Rionessa; +Atrio; +Naturanessa; +Delnessa; +Oceanessa; +Neonessa
Nemesis & Arch Forces RAM04 +Anticlimax; *Crime; *Devil; *Evil; *Hate; *Temptation; +Voo Doo; Raves
Demons RAM05 +Achupas; *Bellezabub; +Bettlejuice; +Shjhas
Orbs, Intelligent Design & Spiritual Planes RAM06 *Ancient Cloud (Indian) *Invisible Nation (Indian); +Transparent Empire; *Heaven; *Internet; *Shangralai; +Solosphere; *Spirits; *Nirvana; +Tweepcraft; *The Republic
Nexus/Lexus & Conduct Systems RAM07 *Justice; *Judgement; *Law; +SIS Conduct; +Uninet

Theologies, Leaders & Churches[edit | edit source]

Basics[edit | edit source]

This section is designated for Theologies, Leaders and Churches of the larger Entities of section one (1). Its intent is to provide a fair and balanced library of Realtime and Runtime articles for members and other users. Accordingly, each article is filed in alphabetical order and is highlighted by the peferrated stripe box.

Space Sudanary 1.1 (with Solarpit).jpg

'Astacyanity' (see also: SuperWikia 'Religions & Mythologies; Astacyanity') is a religious order which is considered as an ancient space ministry. Its followers include numerous settlements of the Earthbreds, the Allstates and many other colonial planets and cultures. Its origins are based upon the concept of its Indo-Centurian secularcede; Astacy, who was a ancient clone that was ostricized and excommunicated by his homeland during an ethinic cleansing ceremony. Their charge was that his physiogonmy and physique were too common and simple to reproduce, so they began cloning more and more of his kind. He was exiled to a university city where he began his space ministries. It is belived that the secularcede reincarnated into the great leader known as 'Habatchii'; who began his own space ministry and converted many into the ways of Astacyanity.


'Buddhism' is a religion from ancient Earth, of and by the South Asian/Indian Procession of Earthbred of that time. Its origins are from an earlier Indian religion known as Hinduism, which belived in many different 'gods'. Buddhism bases its universal balance in humbleness and humility; beliving that the purity of the soul will separate humanity from the evils of the world. Buddha; the secularcede of the religion, was belived to be an 'Avatar' or reincarnation of one of the major Hindu gods that walk the earth and taught in the temples.


'Christianity' is a religious belief of enlightenment through sufferage. Its secularcede; 'Jesus Christ' was subjected to the apostacy of his own followers, the government of his citizenship and was subjected to persecution for his statements against them. His teachings included known his heavenly father (God), recognizing his domanity and servants (angels), cleansing the soul before dying in the flesh, repentance of crimes and sins and confessing a belive that equality of all mankind on earth is achiveable. His followers did not believe him. His church went on and became one of the largest religions on earth.

Devil Worship-

'Devil Worship'; (also known as Satanism) was the counter-measure to Christ's teachings. The Devil is known to be the personification of all things evil or corrupt and Satan was the 'Son of the Devil'. This teaching of a pure evil has always been an invisible religion, with 'demonic spirits' being the messengers of the Devil, tempting humans to do bad things against others. The Devil is known as being a Destroyer and the Prince of Darkness, amassing a great and powerful army to rise up to 'Heaven' and war against the stars of God.


'Hedonism' is the belief that if a force or spirit does not harm the body then it is good. This concept of consenuality is exemplified by the religion itself, which seeks to empower spiritual properties through beauty and pleasure. Femininity is highlighted by worshippers, as they approach the Hedonist temples to purify themselves from earthly impurities. Hedonists are also compared to the Hindu religion's 'Kama Sutra' followers of sexual ascension of the spirit by means of exercising the sexual rites of passage.


'Islam' is the continuance of the Biblical Old Testament's teachings of humanities fall and raise from grace. The central theme of the religion is of the 'Prophet' 'Mohammad'; said to be the voice of God in delivering the message of right living before God. Islam's followers are one of the largest religious groups in the world.


'Rastafarism' is the religious expression in the belief of one God and the observation of religious ceremony and passage. There are many different versions of how Rastafarism is followed by its practicianers. Based upon the deity known as 'Jah' or 'Jah Jah', it teachings spread peace of all mankind through music and ministry. Its 'High Priests' are usually cloaked with long braided hair called 'Dredlocks' or 'Dreds' and would use an herbal extract known as 'incence' to purge the air during their rituals and smoke filled ceremonies. The Rastafari is a strong clan of adherents that support benevolence for all mankind and believe that their is a 'Heaven' and a 'Hell'.

Apostleships, Discipleships & Denominations[edit | edit source]

Sample Dataplate

Astacyanity Denominations-
Stellarcostalic (Habatchii-Eucharist) Based upon the colonial settlements of the SIS and the ministries of the Continuum.
Terrabaptist (Habatchii-Eucharist) Represents the advent of the Allstates, as the 'Earthbred' enter into their Space Age and judgement.

Ascensionist (Sade-Solveig)

Adherents of the faith and conservatives of spiritual wealth.

Pulselic Methodist (Sade-Solveig)

New Age scribes and scientific theologists of the struggle between universal good and evil and its resolution bymeans of Bethrothalment.

Latter Astrapostlic (Habatchii-Eucharist)

Denomination studies in Heavenly Guidance by means of obstanance from space colonization.

Evangelic Vesselic (Habatchii-Eucharist)

Organizes congregations of large and deep space fleet vessel personnel and citizens.

Stellareucharist (Sade-Solveig)

Naturalist ministries seeking universal peace with nature, evolution by means of reclamation of planetary and orbital habitats.

Purgatories, Equiposes & Punishments[edit | edit source]

Lessons, Interventions & Miracles[edit | edit source]

Exhibits[edit | edit source]

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