This page is designated for the SuperWikia 'Religions & Mythologies; Angels' article; a general outline of the angelical orders and their major events which have been documented in both Realtime and Runtime stories.

Angels; defined in Christianity as a being with supernatural capability, slightly greater in so as human beings, yet serve the human race as they would unto God... Angelical beings have been documented by religious authority, yet have no documented existence in the physical realm. Large armies and cities have been stated to be consisting exclusively of angels, all that apparently worship the same religious godhead or Trinity.

As early as the beginning of the Old Testament of the Christian faith, these beings have been recorded as messengers and guardians, protecting believers from their own infidelities and evil. Some religious denominations even state that angels in their full assembly, represent the heavens and the earth and all things made therein, thus the spiritual nature that engulfs them. Such ranks may be likened unto armies, rank and file until the entire formation is at the command of its leader. There is no accurate documented record of their numbers, capability and or sustainability, only that they have been known to be a protectorate towards humanity.

Below is a table of Angelical Orders and a directory of angelic bodies which are noted under each.



  1. Archangel Raja Rodriguez








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