The Archipelagos SpiritsEdit

The Archipelagos Spirits are the native guardians over island bodies and inhabitants. First recognized by the so called trade winds which brought both good luck and bad, the spirits became island dialogue and even naval legend.

The Embodiment Edit

The Archipelagos Spirits consist of nine (9) basic beings-

Hokalme & Houame- The Chief spiritual planes which are summoned and called by the High Priest of the Island.
Ah'Lana & Ah'Lana Adu- The period of wait between summoning the spirits and response from the spirits.
Barabaud & Boracu- A possession of the spirits in which the High Priest is used as a vessel by the spirits.
Adaquate & Adaquake- The positive and negative response from the spirits.
Tisha Anh' Mipanti Zone- The largest and most dangerous passage between islands. Only sanctified vessels can pass
Chino & Chinco Fronts- An uncertain, almost clairvoyant cloud front which lingers near the shoreline.
Hoajuana & Hoagunya- A small and brief shower or storm.
Iguanahoa- An admonishment made to warn or give prophecy of great proportion.
Indahoa & Indahoa Neca- The instance in which the High Priest empowers a lessor priest to conduct services.
==The Land & the People==
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