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The primary religious base and epicenter for SIS entities and protectorate bodies is known as Astacyanity; the practice and belief of universal understanding and magistrat advocacy. It was established by its secularcede Astacy; who was excommunicated and ostricised by his people and forced to build upon a new foundation a ministry that would be fair to universal expression and evolution.

Secular IntroductionEdit

Space Sudanary 1.2 (with Solarpit) Astacyanity is a religious prescence which endorses the Humanities through the Emissaries; a welfare unto all sentient beings and life by ministering unto the lower-class properties. Its primary epicenter, the Sudanary is established to welcome all peoples and other religious faiths to purge their infidelities and conflicts. The Emissiary is the official title of the ministry, as it seeks to establish universal peace and balance for humankind and provide safe haven from emininent threats and danger.

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The Sudanary is a buildform of two primary components or wings; the Currentine, the Morgueoian and their administrative body; the Merevoice. These three components house the collective bodies of religious faiths and other systems of the entire religion.

  • The Currentine generally is the epicenter for the ministry's body of female adherents or covent known as the Prails, belivers in the Whiteplate and White Pulse doctrines and universal physics.
  • The Morgueoian services the Sunders, covent adherents of the Blackplate and Black Pulse doctrine, respectfully.
  • The presidential body over the Sudanary is the Merevoice, typically a female elder of the emissary whom has been installed to reside over the ministry and its policy of humanitarianism.

Orthodox covents prescribe unto their Phorsis; a large sistial magistrat of religious houses or Common Orders (see below). These orders were an intergral part of both systems, so establishing an imaginary line of consensus between them.

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The Emissary and its Sudanaries are governed under a system of jurisdictional magis known as the Embodiements; a magistrat of major and minor solveig soveriegn governing bodies known as the Eathis and the Prone.

  • The Eathis is the second highest member of the Solveig Embodiement and is protected and immune from diplomatic and other circumstance. Her title is also shared with the Celestial Year of the solarstate in which she governs. Within any given solarstate (or galaxy), their may be only one Eathis, who governs over both the Prails and Sunders at onsite and offsite Sudanaries. Accordingly, if there are 7 solarstates then there are 7 Eathis; if there are 12 solarstates, then there are 12 Eathis. SIS has 19 recognized solarstates in its protectorates. During the course of her tours, the Eathis performs services unto the Sudanary in which she must visit a pre-selected itinerant of smaller Sudanaries within her own Solarstate; this process is known as an Ante-Prescription. Accordingly; should an Eathis visit another Eathis in another Solarstate, the process is known as an Arch-Prescription, Eathis's Solarstate afterwards.
  • The Prone is the highest member epicenter of the Astacyian orders. The Prone is adorned with a Hersesphere (or crown) and brandishes a Peeve when she makes a public event. Such events in which she visits a Solarstate is known as a Prescription where she inspects the Sudanaries and the Emissary as well as other solarstates and the superior Solarstate itself.
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The Sudanary is generally a benevolent entity, being that it does not endorse a strong corporate presence within the citizen ranks. Due to its benevolent positioning, it offers services to its members and prospects, all based upon the practice of Thret Countance; the devoted admonishment of religious vows by means of keeping countance of a common promissary. The Promissary is a form of bond created between the member of the sudanary and the denomination in which they have been borne. Common Countance is held seven (7) times every twenty-four hours of which themes are extracted from the Sudanary's official Saderequiem. The observation of Thret countance began when the Ancient Dreigns were found in tourney and bethrothalment in the secretariats. The Threts would count down the period of waiting until signaling the Dreigns that the path was cleared to enter the secretariats.

The observationof countance has since been passed down through the Sudanary unto its adherents, as they wait before entering into Promissary.

Below is an illustration of The Promissary and a short definition of each of its countances-

Secular Term Term Definition
S`ir-rus Countance: {cloud, early mourn, sleep} *The first paradigm of sextant dialog; *The unconscious mind or helix.
T`er-ra Countance: {bright, day, decisive, intuit} *The second paradigm of sextant dialog; *The conscious lobe.
A`n-te-Ter-rest-ial Countance: {drive, latter day, libido} *The third paradigm of sextant dialog; *The psychomotor or drive; libido.
P`arital Countance: {earthtone, noon, peace, quite} *The fourth paradigm of sextant dialog; *An acumen or state of calmness.
L`at-er-al-Lat-in-us Countance: {afternoon, credit, promissary} *The fifth paradigm of sextant dialog; *The subjugate audient property; *A billet.
E`x-tra-Ter-res-tial Countance: {occupation, evening, philios} *The sixth paradigm of sextant dialog; *The sub-conscious state; occupied.
S`ir-rus Su-per-ior Countance: {memory, latenite, reflection} *The seventh paradigm of sextant dialog; *The reflexive memory property.

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Expression & EvolutionEdit

The Sadeic is the sacred text of most of the larger and established denominations. It is derived from the Tweep Republic's sacred text adherency of the secularcede Pamazon.

Leagues & DenominationEdit

The covents consists of female adherents or Common Orders seeking to enrich their spiritual understanding by following their chosen orders. Both Sunders and Prails loose their berthnames when entering the covent; thus they are assimilated and given designations unto their new order. Accordingly; there are 19 different orders, all of which have three levels of spiritual development:

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Spiritual Order Type of Order
The Siron Order Warners, emphasis on verses highlighting dispute or conflict
The Trion Order Scouts, sent into different terraforms as missionaries
The Aeon Order Seers, studies empire-building and governance
The Crayon Order Terrafomists, also focuses on rearing and nursing clones at infirmaries
The Yenon Order Teachers, emphasis on disciplines, regulations and ruling prinicples
The Bathon Order Baptismals, develops beautification and hygene practice for colonists and travelers
The Robeon Order Nurses, studies human form, anatomy and consenuality practices
The Actoron Order Advocates, emphasis in reform, remittance and culture development
The Nilon Order Adherents of the word, followers of the secular text
The Dialon Order Ambassadors, sent to minister to foreign solarstates and powers
The Otanon Order Disciplinarians, protestant of covent rules and consensus
The Norton Order Sacrificial, given over to the covent as orphans
The Salon Order Ascensionist, emphasis on erect posture and virtues
The Talcon Order Radical Thinkers, liberal-minded cedes
The Aemon-Pebbles Order Anti-Colonial, pro-space and fleet authoritarians
The Pageon Order Bookmakers, writers and scroll-bearers of the scripts
The Lanon Order Fasters, emphasis on scheduled abstanance and fasts
The Eon Order Secret order of the covent, mostly higher level members
The Sermon Order Mother of Mothers, behovents of the sisterhood spirit

Both Prail & Sunder orders follow these covent denominations, ascending up to the highest spiritual plane of virtue by completing assignments of ministry onboard vessels and terraforms across the Solosphere.

Residency (the pledging of a post within a ministry) is initiated according to the two major SIS designations of its power and energy resource core; the Blackplate Administration and the Whiteplate Administration. These two centerplexes provide the basis for each secular denomination to exercise religious rites and ceremonies. The Blackplate Administration adheres to more volatile situations, (war, battles, defense services, etc.) while the Whiteplate Administration practices a more conservative ministry, (engineering, construction, space exploration, terraforming, etc). Respectfully, each covent follows their own ministry according to the uninetic sciences of universal physics, black pulse and white pulse energy. When an assignment is commissioned, the Prail (or Sunder) takes residency at the location and resumes their normal orientation, all the while administering unto the region that they have sent.

SuperWikia Proxeums & Guilds Logo 1.2 Established Astacyanity Denominations-
Stellarcostalic (Habatchii-Eucharist) Based upon the colonial settlements of the SIS and the ministries of the Continuum.
Terrabaptist (Habatchii-Eucharist) Represents the advent of the Allstates, as the 'Earthbred' enter into their Space Age and judgement.

Ascensionist (Sade-Solveig)

Adherents of the faith and conservatives of spiritual wealth.

Pulselic Methodist (Sade-Solveig)

New Age scribes and scientific theologists of the struggle between universal good and evil and its resolution by means of Bethrothalment.

Latter Astrapostlic (Habatchii-Eucharist)

Denomination studies in Heavenly Guidance by means of obstanance from space colonization.

Evangelic Vesselic (Habatchii-Eucharist)

Organizes congregations of large and deep space fleet vessel personnel and citizens.

Stellareucharist (Sade-Solveig)

Naturalist ministries seeking universal peace with nature, evolution by means of reclamation of planetary and orbital habitats.

Powers of the MinistryEdit

Allstate & AscensionEdit

Theo-Health & LifeforceEdit

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