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Sadeic Materials: The Falona of the Multisarus- Edit

During the dawn of the Pyrenodial Era, the Falona was founded by the philios to honor the 19 forms in which the deity transformed into during the ceremonial calendar. The Falona contains the ancient writings in scrolls of cesium, the pagent herse and 16 peeves of the Sathastacyanti; the 1st and Most High Diadem of the era, and the walls emanating with 32 slatures of the shjhas; the demi-helixes of the extantation into the new world. Each shjhas carries a different weapon representing captivity of the Most High Diadem unto them. The shjha are uni-femme personifications of the forces of nature in this world and the next. They are represented as miniteros or achupas (the beautiful dragons) in the ancient writings which mislead the helixes of mankind from the sutes and hold contest (Damau) before the Diadem. It is belived that the followers of the Satha give over their dead unto the shjha that they might be prepared for battle in the next world.

It is writen in the ancient text that the youngest of the females begat of each household should be marked with the mark of the extant (~li) in the smallest web of the left hand that when they meet in the new world, they will know their sistial order under the shjha covent.

Establishment of Palatials- Edit

The Falona writes about its great leaders that were manifested as the secedent human representatives of the shjha; the Dreign was the formal title for a male reared as a warrior-leader with great power, wealth and social esteem. The Prone is the espoused female leader that has power over the Dreign and its governance. The Eathis is the female lineage of the Prone, which has yet to recieve ordination into the ranks.

The Assi Major Sutes Edit

Sute Superior (Deity) Tenet Calendar Designate Affinities Palatial Order
Dialiis January Separation/Division N/A
Earthliis January Education / Knowledge N/A
StrophFebruary Supreme Wisdom 1st Sephlon (Southern Sky)
Testaliis February Tribulation 2nd Sephelon
Artiis March Aesthetics 3rd Sephelon
Cesiliis March Creation 4th Sephelon
Yesdeliis April Yield/Harvest 5th Sephelon
Badeliis May Battle/War/Victory 6th Sephlon
Rapeliis May Reproduction/Birth 7th Sephlon
Assassiis June Agility/Game/Victory 8th Sephlon
Nakeliis June New World 9th Sephelon (Northern Sky)
Daroniis July Destruction/The Sun 10th Sephlon
Olapiis July Order / Law / Magistrat 11th Sephlon
Naveliis August Nocturnal Dance 12th Sephlon
Semeniis August Sensualilty/Sexuality 13th Sephlon
Taporiis September Trade/Wealth 14th Sephlon
Afrodeiis September Arogenic/Seduction 15th Sephlon
Poliis October Punishment / Vengence 16th Sephlon
Leviliis October Legacies / Lineage 17th Sephlon
Exexiis November Excellence / Completion 18th Sephelon (Eastern Sky)
Spyiis December Subversion 19th Sephlon
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