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Poppinina Steeles 1.1 (Sitting Sky)

Poppinina as Vanatok; Indian Goddess of War

Sute Culture (The Story of the Tok-Aerome Peoples)Edit

The Tok-Aerome Peoples are an ancient sute of native nomadic tribes which roam great distances to protect their heritage and traditions. They were formed during the tribal wars of many ages ago into one nation, the Invisible Nation, which is the foundation of their belief system.

The Tok-Aerome belief system is based upon environmental presevation and intergration. The major system is derived from the awiev stakes imbedded in the ground overlooking each tribe. The awiev is a large statute carving of each sute in the tribe and sometimes of the enemies or battles fought.

The Belief of Reincarnation is based upon how good or bad of a conduct was maintained while alive; everyone is subject to death.

The Reincarnation Path is established by the elements, the more good a person was then the lighter his/her being's element, (Air, Water, Land, etc.)

The Admonition and Duration of being in the elemental state is measured by how long it takes the being to circle the world seven times.

The New World System is a reservation based upon a merit system, the helix (or spirit) may enter as a scout, trail maker, ambassador, peace-keeper leader, elder or a sovereign.

The Division of Land and Authority in the New World is based upon the new body and its ability to pass several tests of passage. If the helix is at war, then passage is held over; if the helix is at peace, then the body gains access to the tests.

The Old World is a place of great diversity; some cultures say that it represents a time of enslavement, others say it was exclusive of the decadences. But all cultures belive that the Old World is connected directly with the New World by a progenital process of reincarnation. Some of the more established indian sutes believe that the moon represents the old world and is the guardian of lost souls & their helixes.

The New Body is interpreted by the indians as being the lodge or place in which pleas were heard and vindicated. In the instance of bestiality, the New Body is used by the medium to restrain a helix or spirit from re-entering the world as a human; it is said that the soul would usually retain its thoughts and memories until its new form dies or until its aweiv is burned asunder.

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The Status Class of a tribe is usually grouped into a sphere of influence known as a war chest or rena; which take account of all of the tribes earthly accumulations from wars, the land etc. Each segment of a tribe had its own smaller rena that was collected during ceremonial observations by the larger segments. The smaller renas usually included the younger females or "squaws" as a distinction between gender.

The Tribal Espousal Ceremony is usually a long event which lasts the entire season; with tribal feasts and special events to mark each instance of the ceremony. It is said that mating is considered as being a key diadem which can bring changes in the weather, good luck or fortune and even determine the outcome of wars by the grade of the tribe's rena; the higher and more detailed of a history, the more powerful the tribe would become.

The Affinities of the tribe are said to be kept by two gigantic beings; the Soreigeon- A giant, jet black, eagle species of bird of native folklore that is belived to rule over the night and the Paigeon- A giant, pure white eagle species that is belived to rule over the day. The soreigeon is the embodiment of the helixes of the night or "birds of death"; and the paigeon is the exact opposite, representing the morning or "birds of life". The Twin Birds are depicted in most Tok-Aerome' folklore as being the chief of the affinities.

The Pagent of the Espousement between tribes is usually kept within the locks and braids of tribal tales known as Tankers; which carried traits of history from each female to be joined within the tribe. The tankers are said to be the spirits of the birds that lead the people into their own sute. They are also said to be the spiritual domicile of the espoused; which once woven together, form a blanket or comforter. Each tanker has what is known as a "great secret" or a particular irony that sets it aside from any other type of story. Most great secrets are of reincarnation, impregnation or any other instance of vital importance to the listener.

A very famous tanker is of the sute of the sky known as one of the tankers of creation of the known world.

  • The story goes so that once there were six brother spirits that would make music and dance in the sky. The movements of the brothers would make dirt rise up from the heavens and they would begin to move so fast that steam would form to make the clouds in the sky. (This is the 1st spirit)
  • Once the music ended, the dirt would settle and would form the earth and the steam would heavening to form the rain and oceans. (This is the 2nd spirit)
  • The brother spirits would look at what they have done and see that it was good, which gave light unto the world and would go into the world and dance the dance that makes the secret garden. (This is the 3rd spirit)
  • Once the garden is grown, the six spirits would start another song and dance the dance that creates the animals that kill and eat of the fruits of the garden. (This is the 4th spirit)
  • The brothers would then see all of the killing and destruction in the garden and could not see that it was complete because of the darkness, and would dance a final dance that would plant all of their spirits into the world a final time, this is the great secret and the spirit of man and the wisdom of every chief of every sute, band or tribe that has led him into war and during peace. (This is the 5th spirit)
  • Once a chief has led its sute through a war or tribulation, the six brother spirits return and dance at the victory procession. (This is the 6th spirit)

The tanker of death in most of the established sutes is about the city of chiefs in the firmaments from which the lowest of all chiefs sends into the world seven warriors; a scout, a trapper, an arrowman, a priest or medicine man, a lightbearer, an entrailer and a smoke signaler. Each evening after dusk, the warriors would enter into the villages and communities and give over the sick, terminally ill, accident victims, possessed, literally disabled, elderly and sacrificial to the low chief of the city in the sky. At the sign of dawn, the warriors would go to the highest point in the land, smoke a peace pipe and light a fire to signal the Soreigeon to take them back to the city in the sky. There they would be dressed in ceremonial garments and dance in the honor of their new sute until the lowest chief ascends into a higher being.

A famous tanker of war is of the Shoishunee Tribe, a sute of indians from different tribal origins that joined together right before Vanatok. Some say that the Shoishunee are a direct lineage of the 'Invisible Nation'. Yet the tanker goes; when ever a person or village or peoples become over weighted by the turning aweiv in the center of their community, then the Shoishunee will visit them in the form of a soreigeon and began to break away into small men within the community. These small men would then gather at night and play music with long spalet sticks unto the helixes and the spirits. When no one was looking, the spirits would come alive, anything within the community that did not move before, now had a spirit. With each shake of the spalet stick, the spirits would become disturbed until the Owlman appeared, who would scoop up any anyone found close to the disturbed spirit and fly back into the night. People diagnosed as hallucenative, arguementative, delusional or with the flu are said to be under the influence of music played during Vanatok and speak of seeing unusual things; these are the spirits of the Owlman and can only be appeased when the community's aweiv is realigned with the universe.

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