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Sute Culture (The Story of the Pam Qui)Edit

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Quinese (pronounced "Ka+We+A+Knees") are a small segment of indo-asian ascendants of the Earthbred Covenant who went on to start a thriving civilization in space and space commerce via the Sudanary. The Pam Qui make up the the following ethinic groups:

  • Quisian
  • Quithai
  • Quiasian
  • Quipolynesian
  • Quilaonese
  • Quieastindian
  • Quisinghalese

The Qui usually are recognized by different ethinic sects or sutes as they are called by their nativity. These sutes are compilations of both ancestries and even mythological artifacts of the Qui and their universal presence.

Thesis TopicEdit

As in most mythology, the Qui teach of the spirit (helix), temporal forms and the abodes. As with most sute teachings, the focus is on pandemic and decadence through the sensual medium. The belief in dragons and guardian beasts is also known to be practiced by the Qui in establishing intricate systems, maps and calendars. The Vaniese; a matrical sute of the Qui, practice a ritual called the Triadica in which the three female superior deities Suan, Bren and the chief diadem Vani are summoned every one thousand years and form the great beast, Illuse. The beast is appeased if the offering of opals and jades are made unto the beast, so giving way to the popularity of such jewels by the Qui.

The Qui also belive in the magical properties of the Progeny Bonsai; an ancient tree that is said to protect its holder from corruption and evil. It is also said to be a charm for the diadem which practice hedonism on behalf of its holder.

Advancement & TechnologyEdit

Persausion of TourismEdit

In the wake of the inter-solarstate Qui population, a seasonal migration of Quinese has given catalyst to a phenomena; The Sutenearta. The Sutenearta is a mythological rendering of the warlike expansive tradewinds as they blow across and change the face of the galaxies. In the same light, the Qui follow this seasonal trend in gathering within the four corners of the Solosphere. This 'consortium' is the core of Qui culture and gives them a clairvoyance aura that is known within their tapestry.

The Qui are also known for their proximity to large bodies of onsite water such as lavatories, oceans, seas, etc. This adds to the tourist facets within the sutes as well as creates a distinct appeal in their styles of clothing, living and the like.

Life StatisticsEdit

The populational distribution is based upon the sute's ethinic concentrations and makeup iwithin the more heavily populated segments. The Qui have 5 major ethinic classes;

  1. Pale- 'Bright Complexion'
  2. Opal- 'Radiant Complexion'
  3. Qui Pam- 'Adherent Complexion'
  4. Jade Qui- 'Neutral Complexion'
  5. Qui Tok- 'Dark Complexion'


Summary & ReferencesEdit

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