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The SIS Settlement Territorial Agreement Provision

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An SIS Partition Authorization Charter Enactment Document


This document establishes a relationship between the parties herein and their duties and obligation as occupants within one or more SIS Settlement Properties. Its intent is to create the groundwork for all anticipated performance of the term found within this document and the agreements of any other operating entities of the SIS administration.

1.SIS Settlement Sustainable Habitat & Environmental Support>>>

  • a. The SiS extends this charter on the grounds that its provision will be upheld by the Proxeum/guild made filiant. It reserves the space and land agreed upon for a duration which is to be supplemented with article depositions made unto the repository agent (Superwikia) Sis authorities hereby agreed to the complete terraform facilitative operational capacity (FOC) status of the property and that no unidentifiable or alien entities reside at said coordinate partition(s).
  • b. This agreement does exclude the sis from any natural event or phenomena which may periodically occur at the location or coordinate(s) of the partition. This includes any telicamological or weather related developments.
  • c. This charter hereby binds the filiant to agree that they will administer a coherent and solvent environmental policy in the establishment of industrial and or space commerce facilities.

2. SIS Territorial Reservations, Mineral/Drilling Rights & Colonization Policy>>>

  • a. The filiant hereby assumes all obligations of facilitating the reservations made with the SIS on behalf of the partition and coordinates therein. The extent of administering such policies do include land and landbase supervision, environmental stabiility management, licensed gaming and fishery management, petroleum acquisition management, aerated (scheduled release) excavation, tradepool participation and all other applicable land-based situations; including environmental preservation methodologies and water processing. Reservations found without such facilities will not be covered by this charter.
  • b. Mineral and drilling is to be conducted solely by the registered SIS supercorp protectorate. Any industrial projects or drilling below the top level domain and soilbase will not be covered by this charter and such properties may be subject to the tourney process.
  • c. Any developments established under the jurisdiction of this charter may be governed by the filiant and or an agent so recognized herein. Claims of independent colonization outside of this charter at the partition and or coordinate location will not be recognized by this agreement.

3. SIS Aerospace Development & Airspace Allocation Policy>>>

  • a. Filiant also establishes within this agreement that any aerospace operations which develop because of this agreement are to be under the authority of the SIS regulatory commission and its agencies. Any situation using aerospace materials which occurs within the terraform boundaries shall be investigated by the SIS and or any of its policing forces. This includes war, acts of war, airway / space usage in war or war exercises.
  • b. Airspace allocation is to be regulated under the authority of the supercorp protectorate of the partition. This includes airways, aircraft, air traffic control and usage of air for business or private purpose.
  • c. The supercorp protectorate is authorized to issue only a predetermined allocation of land to be used for the development of airway services. Also, the protectorate is permitted to regulate traffic volume and safety policies for the airway providers, respectfully.

4. SIS Protectorate & Defense Services Policy>>>

  • a. The filiant hereby agrees to retain the presence of the SIS, The Supercorp Protectorate and the Superwikia Breach Force / Superwikia Defense Force in the event of an immediate need for military action. All campaigns, including tourney sessions must be registered by the appropriate agency before it is to be launched.
  • b. Partitions found without a protectorate and or defense service as an escort will not be permitted to participate in any tourney events or campaigns.
  • c. In the event that a declaration of dispute is established, filiant agrees that no further associate representation will be provided outside of that which has been agreed upon by the filiant’s semester plan and its routine maintenance by the filiant during tourney sessions as filed with the SIS and Superwikia.

5. SIS Land Usage & Environmental Protection Policy>>>

  • a. Filiant agrees to limit the development of lands to maintain a reasonable level of environmental naturalization. This limitation includes the development of accessible social software and citizen technologies for both administrative and end consumer users to better the lifestyles and habitation of any parties found under the protective order.
  • b. Preservation of lands also should include designation of national park systems and observatories which reflect the development of the partition and its member entity, procession or Proxeum/guild.
  • c. Properties are subject to environmental sanction/tourney process.

6. SIS Earthbred Treaty Provision Requirement Policy>>>

  • a. Seatholder/filiant agrees to make provision and designate specific campaigns which use any SuperWikia Earthbred themes or titles.
  • b. Seatholder/filiant also agrees not to use any earthbred titles in such a fashion of which could create an ‘unfair advantage’ against themselves or another party.
  • c. These requirements and limitations represent this Proxeum/guild/seatholder’s position on all earthbred events and campaigns.

7. SIS Space Expansion, Settlement Forfeiture & Dilapidation Prevention Policy>>>

  • a. Filiant agrees that in the event of such a need, they will fulfill all required tourney coordinate events satisfyingly before filing for a settlement expansion with the SIS Settlements. This includes all semester based filings, tourney coordinate reports, additional terraform / telicamological reports, etc. Filers seeking Solarstate status must also agree to complete any needed prerequiste filings and all co-requisite filings before commodations and or commissions are recognized.
  • b. Should the need to expand any partition or entire terraform(s) occur (During nature course or otherwise) and either a forfeiture or dilapidated status is declared over such properties, filiant agrees to relinquish such works to be removed from the SuperWikia solosphere database. If the works were already the property of Superwikia, then they will be exonerated and placed back into commission status.
  • c.

8. Summary of Provision Agreement>>>

  • a. This summarizes all conditions of this agreement. Filiant hereby agrees to the these conditions and to co-habitate these properties with full knowledge of their proliferic and encyclopedic intent.
  • b. This agreement empowers the filiant to use and build upon the properties under the terms laid forth within the agreement. Any additional terms must be negotiated.
  • c.

9. Super-Appendix, Exhibits & Attachments>>>

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