The SuperWikia 'Letter of the Day' is a collection of scientific symbols known as 'Pentelebets' (or Pentelebethetics), which represent the basic SuperWikia-Uninet alphabet. The characters are generated from a scientific process for extantation, or the movement of a property from one location to another with a minimosity of displacement being recorded. Extantation is the basis for SIS space travel and its Super Space Highway systems. This page is designated as the SuperWikia 'Letter of the Day' reference page, in referring unto for general information and tourney questions on the Letter of the Day project.


The smallest cognitive component of the Pentelebet system is the symbolic terrabet, followed by a two or more part tandem terragraph; the entire system together is known as the Pentelebet System, which is used by Uninet Scientist to generate the IYC and the IYC2 archtecture. Below is an image of a streamform of a optimized transcribe Pentelebet system as it relates to the Black Pulse and White Pulse continuum.
Black pulse white pulse continuum

Optimized tandem terragraphs.

Excerpt from SuperWikia 'Solarcasting Streamworks'

The following dataplate is a directory of each pentelebet 'terrabet' as it coorelates to its appropriate SuperWikia Stardate.

SuperWikia Logo Set 02
SIS Uninet Scientific Characters
SuperWikia Logo Set 23
'Terrabet Characters
SuperWikia Data
Symbol: Terrabet Title
Pentelebet 26 (Superduct) Superduct
Pentelebet 25 (Enerduct) Enerduct
Pentelebet 24 (Laboraduct) Laboraduct
Pentelebet 23 (Postaduct) Postaduct
Pentelebet 22 (Armaduct) Armaduct
Pentelebet 21 (Testeduct) Testeduct
Pentelebet 20 (Stapsaduct) Stapsaduct
Pentelebet 19 (Nurseduct) Nurseduct
Pentelebet 18 (Offiduct) Offiduct
Pentelebet 17 (Distriduct) Distriduct
Pentelebet 16 (Nonaduct) Nonaduct
Pentelebet 15 (Aeroduct) Aeroduct
Pentelebet 14 (Refeduct) Refeduct
Pentelebet 13 (Baseduct) Baseduct
Pentelebet 12 (Superidor) Superidor
Pentelebet 11 (Enerdor) Enerdor
Pentelebet 10 (Laboraidor) Laboraidor
Pentelebet 09 (Postador) Postador
Pentelebet 08 (Armidor) Armidor
Pentelebet 07 (Techador) Techador
Pentelebet 06 (Stapsador) Stapsador
Pentelebet 05 (Yvesador) Yvesador
Pentelebet 04 (Comidor) Comidor
Pentelebet 03 (Aerodor) Aerodor
Pentelebet 02 (Testedor) Testedor
Pentelebet 01 (Satelaidor) Satelaidor
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