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New Perspective on SpaceEdit

The Socialator is considered one of the most revered and also taboo occupations within the inter-planetary and inter-galactic exchanges, in light of the enrichment of other resources the Solosphere produces. Known and highly respected by the Supertaunt elite, socialators are classified as specialist in their field, generally available for mature and adult clients.

Socialators were intentional omitted from various planet and terraform classes, due to both internal and external debate on the ethnical values in they exercise at a rather high frequency. They could be considered therapists, being that some of the more consensual socialators use inoculants and other methods when dealing with clients. Accordingly, they are licensed operators and agents of the agencies which deploy them. Private tours and luxury spacestations such as the 'Tiava Station 21' hosts a profusion of socialator-based vendors and service providers, adding to the ecstatic atmosphere and casino-style environment. Launching its independent streamcasts centered around the socialator; Beyond Kabuki is a popular sponsor of electronic devices and communication systems of which socialators have built a virtual electronic empire upon. Even still, Beyond Kabuki continues to screen its own talent relentlessly; selecting own the highest rated socialators to tour and sponsor its conventions.

Occupational Socialators & the Philabrone ProcessEdit

A socialator is defined as being a clinician; being that they under intensive orientation and training. The concept of a leisure clinician most appropriately establishes the socialator's occupation. They typically are retained for various agencies to facilitate clientele in various regions of both onsite and offsite resorts and are have full indemnities and other benefits, including travel, board, personal effects, etc. It is part of their job description to buy various items from vendors, such as clothing, furnishings, vehicles and various other exotics.

Domestic ContributionsEdit

Socialators have been known to yield to religious disposition and faiths. A few agencies support ministries that work with charities and global hunger taskforces to feed the poor and hungry. Still others have fully indoctrinated denominations which minister on behalf of the socialators and their agencies.

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