SuperWikia Solarcasting Streamworks-

This page is designated for SuperWikia's Solarcasting Streamworks; defind as 'a collective of 3D enabled studios that produce qualitative graphic productions in Dot the SuperWikia Runtime LogoRuntime environments.' SuperWIkia hosts Solarcasts by means of its Planetarium and the SuperWikia Conduct System, an enhanced transcom (Transportation/Communication) hybrid established to support vertical environment developments. The transcom operates within the SuperWikia's Solosphere and its tourney coverage perimeter, providing media and other material for its users. below is a general outline of its Runtime Operations:


The Solosphere is a very large operating system of Solarcasters (Inter-Galatic) and Streamcasters (Personal Media) streamworks launched by the SIS under the Solarcasting News Streamworks ~liSupercorp. Its intent was to unify all SIS settlements under a single communications bill, the Solosphere.

Solosphere streamworks are carried by the SIS pulse system which operates within over 19 different galaxies, with over 300 registered planets under its charter. The Solosphere at SuperWikia is managed by the Shima-Kogalgeisha ~liSupercorp; which also produces the Isiessi engines and pulse generators.

The Solosphere's Infrastructure

The Solosphere is part of a larger, more developed system of bodies known as a 'Super Conduct System'
Conduct system equipose confine

Equiposial Confines

; a very large functional group of solarstates that operate under a single governance. The SuperWikia Solosphere is part of the 'Equiposial Administration' of the SIS, which was commissioned by the 'Uninet Conduct System' to govern over it. The confines are comprised of seven major conduct systems which work inter-dependently of each other to create the inner body or assembly. The confine is in turn locked into a coherent truss in between to barriers, the Anterior Barrier and the Posterior Barrier, which are generally considered the celestial poles for navigating fleet grade crafts and chronological systems.

The Extant Pulse & Universal Physics

The Solosphere is a superconductor property of 'Extant Energy';
Black pulse white pulse continuum

Black Pulse & White Pulse Continuum

or the particles found within the Uninet's 'Infinity Yield Curve' a sadeic formula created by Uninet engineers under the STA Administration to launch the administration's deep space environmental program. The Extant phenonmena is based upon two principles of white (energy) and black (power) forces manipulated to produce a universal source of sustainable habitats and environments. The source is generated when static is formed within the continuum which is registered as a phenomena known as 'suicumonova' which triggers the 'disintrification' or disruption of intricate embedded systems. The disruption is generally considered a seed of the black pulse or force being that energy is exerted and converted into power, the posthumulous stage of energy. 'Intrification' is the equal but opposite phenomena in which power is converted back into energy, used by engineers to conserve resources and other alternative consumables.

Leveraging Particles & Terraforming

The Solosphere operates its planetary systems by means of 'terraforming', or the act of constructing new life-sustaining environments. The Solosphere's concept of terraforming is based upon the Uninetic physics of 'sedimentation'; or the act of voluminous compression of celestial materials and particles. The term 'Semiearthic' is the uninetic term outlining the terraform's cloneability and coherency to comform during sedimentation. The term 'Levitation' is a uninetic term denoting a celestial body's ability to support its own weight as well as the weight of another celestial body within a larger system of similar bodies. The Solarcasting Streamworks use the projections and other telicamological data extracted from the terraforms to produce its environmental and atmospherical programs and news reports for each of its covered terraformed properties. This illustration shows the seven major classes of terraform properties which develop during sedimentation. They include:

Sis terraform property 1.0

Sediment View of a Terraform Property

The Semiearthic Shell & Depositary Shelves

  1. The Soilient Layer- Basically consists of environs, oxygenates and fossilized vegetation which make the soilibase.
  2. The Taxonomient Layer- Radial levels of mass compressed soil, exhumed hydrogenates and other combustionable matter.
  3. The Abrasient Layer- Accordingly, the 1st shelf; made of rock, slate and other quantitative tandem elements.
  4. The Parliment Layer- Non-soilient, iron and metalic rock mixture with various pockets of magma and lava chambers.
  5. The Lower Lineament Layer- Dynamic concentrations of mixed rocks, hardend ores and radiating heat.
  6. The Extravalent Layer- Ore barrier, separating the final shelf from the moltened core center shelf.
  7. The Superfluient Layer- Nexus and decisive shelf from the parlimentary layer on down; consists of magma and magma specimens (Charter).

Accordingly; the top two most layers are considered 'Semiearthic Shells' or the hardend outer regions of the terraform protecting it from foriegn radiation and rocky formations, while the lower five layers are considered to be the 'Depositary Shelves', holding the majority of the voluminous compression of sediment materials within its makeup.


A 'Transcom' is a generic term used by engineers and Supercorps which means 'Transportation and Communications'. The transcom system is basically a scaled down version of the 'Super Conduct System'; the tremendous engineering infrastructure used by Black Space Military Forces and oversized Supercorps. The transcoms for general users who operate within the Solosphere as any other conduct system, regulating inter-planetary and multi-solar system transport at up to four different wave (speed) classes;

  • Step Wave- Intra Planetary
  • Tython Wave- Inner Solar System
  • Astro Wave- Solar System Breadth
  • Pulse Wave- Multi Solar System

Do to certain health and medical limitations and regulations established by Neural Signal, only these classes were authorized and allocated unto civillian/non-supercorp travel. There are up to three (3) other systems which travel to even further distances and tourney itineraries.

The Comlinks (Communications Link) are the second leg of the transcom system. A comlink is any device that must allow both transmitted and received communications between two comlink devices. This includes all modems of dialers and remote controllers for the transcom's Neural Signal satellite services. Neural Signal is a user-friendly neuralphone subscription managed by the SIS and its streamworks. Neural Signal paved the bridge for the Camera Ray system, a neural link operated camera used exclusively by Runtime artists and models.

SuperWikia Transcom Blackpages

The SuperWikia Transcom Blackpages encompass the expanded volumes of the SIS 19 solarstate settlements and their more than 360 terraformed planets by means of a publication of up to 7,000,000,000,000 (seven trillion) consumer and aerospace Neural Signal frequency alocation licenses. These transcom licenses are known as Alpha Licenses because they exist within bulk regions of SIS protected alpha patches in black space; thus the name Blackpages
SuperWikia Transcom Blackpages 1.0 (Sonjanella)

SuperWikia Transcom 'Blackpages'

. Neural Signal works in conjunction with Solarcast Streamwork service providers in issuing new and certified previously registered (CPR) transcom licenses via ArchCities to comlink subscribers and their designated license class within the Blackpages.
  • Transcribed License Capitalization

Comlink subscribers agree to a boilerplate which allows ArchCities to service their comlinks as the exclusive underwriter, thus limiting liability by means of the boilerplate's Transcribed License Capitalization provision. This provision gives the user unlimited access to Solarcasting Streamworks programming, transcom local destinations, ArchCities and Neural Signal 'Lifeforce' health delivery and medical emergency communications coverage and various other indemnities under the transcom agreement (also known as The Dominaunt Administration Act) to temporarily surrender all such coverage in the event of an open Dominaunt Administration investigative inquiry. The Blackpages also has a section of existing Transcribed License Capitalization cases in the legal section.

Transcom Lightspeed Conduct System

The largest Solosphere sponsored transcom highway system is the Transcom Lightspeed Conduct System (or TLC One); the official Space Superhighway System for planetary, inter-planetary and intra-galactic travel. The TLC One covers all major SIS interstates and space highways; it consists of seven major components and stems into the SIS planetary ground highway system. Below is a general overview of the TLC One and how each component interacts:

TLC One's Spaceway Systems:

  • Streamform- Basic term used to define particle conversion and transmigration travel
  • Treadways- Routes and major passages for planetary and intra-galactic traffic
  • Airgates- Air to land decline loop which provides regulated merging with ground traffic
  • Palatial Offramps- Normal speed offramp for exiting the spaceway
  • Lightspeedway- Drivespan for longer distances and lane change-overs
  • Escalades- Operating ducts which escalate traffic to higher treads
  • Spacegates- Near vertical land-based incline loop which allow access to space

All traffic on or off the TLC One is lineage controlled and monitored by SIS Interspace Patrollers. Driving and optional control of the transpods commences promptly after the vehicle has re-entered ground traffic and merged with normal runtime processing. All vehicles are required to be registered with the SIS and the TLC One and operators must carry a SIS issued ArchCities Identification Card at all times.

Atmosphere Today (TelicamAtmosphere Today Logo 1.2)

'Atmosphere Today'
Atmosphere Today Logo

Atmosphere Today Logo

is a Runtime telicamology service presented by the SIS, the SuperWikia Planetwide Forecasts and the SuperWikia Administration. Its intent is to provide the most accurate forecast and telicam services to all SIS planets and galaxies. The system currently services most of the over 300 planets under SIS jurisdiction and is expanding to address continued coverage for more areas.

Basic Telicam Knowledge

Telicamology is the study of Uninetic environmental activity. Its scientific background stems from the study of its uninetic scientific root term origin merging 'Telica' or 'Temperature', 'Light' and 'Cadence'.

  1. Temperature is defined as the generic movement and or activity of stimulated or stagnated tandem properties
  2. Light is defined as the generic illustration of velocity, radiation particles and combustion as projected or perceived by a tandem conductorant of its propreties
  3. Cadence is defined as the generic infussion or diffussion of symmetric tandems, profuse materials, angulars and myriad properties

Atmosphere Today uses the telicamology reports generated from its satellites and streamworks to provide high definition reports on atmospheric and other conditions of all of the coverage areas under its SIS charter.

Recording of the Seasons

In observation of the SIS doctrines for international treaty, the recording of telicam transitions and seasonal activity is outlined by four basic groupings:

Structure Term Definition:
First Warmier Generally the 1st season of a cyclic rotational body or planet, entails the coldest period of thermal temperature variance with minimum vegetation on the hemispheric surface.
Second Warmier The transitional period of a cyclic or revolutional body in which telicam temperate is colder than acumen levels, yet illustrates a propensity at its latter stages to yield higher sub-par levels of thermal warming.
First Lether The warmest of the cyclic patterns, marked by acumen conditions and telicam observations; generally adapted for habitatation and high volumes of vegetation growth on the surface levels.
Second Lether The final stage of cyclic progression in which acumen conditions return to a stable state of temperment and logical rotational / revolutional exposure enters into equipose (drop in thermal levels and wiltering growth)

Atmospheric Data

The Solarcast News Streamworks services all coverage areas of the SIS and protectorate solarstates and provides telicam data to these affilate streamcaster stations:

The Chief SIS Streamwork Provider: Solarcast News Streamworks (SNS)

  1. Sonjanella Galaxy Solarcast Streamworks (SoGSS)
  2. Tytonka Galaxy Solarcast Streamworks (TGSS)
  3. Abdulicya Galaxy Solarcast Streamworks (AGSS)
  4. Papamela Galaxy Solarcast Streamworks (PGSS)
  5. Laolana Galaxy Solarcast Streamworks (LGSS)
  6. Ebonyia Galaxy Solarcast Streamworks (EGSS)
  7. Stacyonia Galaxy Solarcast Streamworks (StGSS)

The data serviced consists of basic and advanced telicamology which is gathered across all of the solarstates via the Transcom system. This data is compiled in two general groups:

  1. SuperWikia Planetwide Forecasts
  2. SuperWikia Planetwide Forecast- Index

Telicamologists from each streamwork solarcaster establishes their reports based upon the standrdized terminology and information listed in these indexes. When their is severe weather or storm conditions in their region, emrgency notices are sent the the Chief SIS Streamwork- Solarcast News (SNS) and is distributed accordingly.


Solarcast Streamwork Set

Solarcast News Streamwork Set

programming is generally conducted by the Solarcast streamworks that produce or sponsor the streamcast signal. Streamwork programming is geared towards a large population, while the smaller streamcast signal is for the individual consumer. Such programming mainly consist of subscriptions to the Neural Signal transcom streamworks, sponsored by the protectorate Supercorp of the SIS planet (onsite) or fleet (offsite) recieving.
SuperWikia Logo Set 02Tuning Patches & Lineage-Based Services T-PE Systems

The Solarsphere provides provision to private Supercorps to licenses equipment and subscriber-based services to citizens under what is known as a Tuning Patch Environment or T-PE for short. This structured environment operates as the primary means of contact for all SIS comlinks, including Transcoms systems, lineage systems, teleputers and all other handheld devices and consumer goods. The T-PE is user-friendly, providing accessibility to personal studio applications such as the Supercorp DigiMasq's Tweepcraft, Camera Ray and all Neural Signal accessible services. T-PE's are generally required by all active citizens within the SIS.

Streamworking, Solarcasting & Leisure Devices

The Solarsphere has a vast and developing line of 'Leisure Devices' or LD's; electronic or battery powered devices used as a means of entertaining or consuming time. Such devices operate within the same basic frequency range of the IYC's (Infinity Yield Curve) Human Cohesive Spectrum (HCS) and provide media based streams for consumers. But due to Senate inqury and investigative lobbying, all media produced for the Solarcast and streamwork venues must be labled with distinushing markup which clearly identifies the production as being factual or fiction. Cases across the Solarsphere were recieved concerning solarcasters perpetrating and propagating ficitional campaigns to increase ratings. The Leisure device manufactures signed a universal agreement to manufacture user-friendly components which would aid consumers, such as the lineage systems which are 100% compatible with the LD devices and began pushing the 'Go-LD' campaign to encourage consumer usage on a wide-scale basis.

SuperWikia Logo Set 02The Lineage-Based Teleputers

The Lineage-Based Teleputer is a cross-product between the banned television and the lower model lineage system known as a computer. Teleputers are common in almost every household and domestic location and are required by Uninet/SIS/ArchCities regulatory policy to establish accountability and other identitfication. The teleputer's circuit boards are produced to accept enhanced streamcasts and the larger solarcast signals, so Solarcast programming can easily be recieved by them. ArchCities did not see the urgency to require regular civilians to transmit a scheduled program such as the established streamworks would, so only the lineage interactive components with optional peripherals (printing, Go-LD, etc.). The teleputer manufactures are required by Supercorp regulatory policy to install conforming Neural Signal circuit boards into each set, providing crystal-clarity signal for Neural Signal health delivery aids and diagnostic equipment. This policy give all civilians access to self-support and technical assistance via their teleputers.

Staples Electronic Life Preserver Appliances & Transcom Servers

Space travel requires a precision system for life support and healthcare delivery. The Staples Electronic Life Preserver provides its consumers a secure, operating habitat for sustainable living and vital health delivery. It was originated for military usage during long field and space training missions, but Supercorp representatives lobbyied before the SuperWikia Senate to scale down its 'living appliances' for qualified ArchCities markets. The preserver operates as a proxy machine in sensing, tracking, accumulating, protecting, loading/upgrading, encrypting and sending high-end biodata over secure Solosphere systems.

How It Works The preserver functions very similarly to a safe deposit box; the user completes the startup process and the preserver keeps all the vital data secure from harm or destruction. If the data is needed to make a recovery, then a party of the user accesses the preserver, and recalls all physiological and psychological data submitted at startup. The preserver's components work directly through the SuperWikia-SIS Neural Signal circuitry, providing a super-high end recovery of up to 99.7 percent of physiological data and 100 percent psychological data. Here is a general overview of data needed by user:

The user submits

  1. Blood Samples
  2. Retina Scans
  3. Auricular ID Bytes
  4. Natural Sized 3D Image file
  5. Dialysis (blood)
  6. Occular ID (picture ID) and
  7. Normal Psychological Diagnostics Information
If the user is severely injured or is decommissioned (dies), then the preserver in its most recent update, is shipped to the nearest ArchCites cloning facility
ArchCities Cloning Facilities (Lower Genome-Geodesic Div. ~liSupercorp at Sta Satel)

ArchCities Cloning Facilities

of that particular coverage area. The preservers are environmentally friendly and are certifed by Neural Signal.


Lineage Systems & Transcievers

SIS settlements have adequate technology systems for consumers. The most popular configuration for transcom users is the 'Lineage System',
DigiMasq's Video Lineage System

DigiMasq's 'Pairable' Lineage System

a form of computing device which allows extremely high volumes of information and data to manage over health (Neural Signal), transportation (Transcom) and virtually any other mode of robotics. The primary conduct system for SIS lineage systems is the Uninet; a tremendously large information conduct which channels the over 27 different galactic bodies under the SIS jurisdiction.

The Uninet utilizes small, satellite type devices known as 'transcievers' to boost the signal of subcribers up to conduit grade; providing treadways and transciever lane conduits (or TLC) for small to mid-sized spacecraft to operate within inter-planetary highways. Some Supercorps even produce 'teleports', a compact chamber used to move people and other objects over great distances. The SIS has reserved the teleport concept for its military services.

Lineage Operated Transportation

A major staple of the Supercorps are the 'transpods'(or simply 'pods'),
Sub-Light Transpod

SIS 'Transpod'

short for transportation pods. These inter-planetary crafts allow operators to access the Uninet at sub-light speeds for personal and or business usage. Small, ultra light and sturdy, the pod's engines are cloned technologies of the Isiessi pulse engine and operate on the same principles of propulsion as the larger military class Isiessi 'pulse engines'. Using only a small battery type cell and the TLC conduits, a pod can easily travel several 'short' trips (inter-planetary highways and smaller treadways) and back before recharging is needed. Transpods are distributed and commissioned to all Laborforce personnel within the SIS settlements as part of the corporate governance plan.

Sourcing Power & Energy

The primary source of propulsion for most fleet grade units is the element known as 'Staplesium' and its counter-element 'Staplesodium'.
Selenium-Staplesium Grandule

Selenium-Staplesium Grandule

Used in a fusionary process, Staplesium is not a natural element but generated from generations of refining enriched radioactive materials from various classes. Once at its most stable state, it is condensed in a process known as 'Staplesonic Compression' and is then processed for power and energy sourcing. Staplesium is the positively charged fusion-based process material, while Staplesodium is the negatively charged fissionary process material. Some terraformers use the combines to generate the epicenters of their core; in an larger assembly of spiraled properties linked together in a super-nuclear reactor. Most of the suns in the SIS systems are comprised of a Staplesium-Staplesodium combine as well; using a super-enrichment process known as 'Ante-Cauldaron Andante' (or 'pre-cauldron / low cadence'), to generate the tremendously stable heat which by force of nature gives all of its explosive properties back unto itself, so repeating the fission-fussion process again and again.

Sedimentation & Dissminated Energerization

Sedimentation of several of the most abundant resources within the Solarsphere produces a mechanically fabricated process known as Sedimentation & Disseminated Energerization; the instance in which extant travel and telemetry coordinates are established according to set and pre-arranged itinerary. The concept of the Stepwave and the Craftwave propulsion systems were based upon sediment pre-exsisting in various locations in space. Enhanced applications of sediment, typically prepareed by troth tread fleets establish the same treadways used to create the SIS Superhighway systems. Due to the amplified microwave environment in which treated space applications are applied, no unauthorized crafts are allowed in space. Highly concentrated sediment applications are produced by Supercorps licensed by the SIS and are dispursed within pre-defind regions of space, creating an almost paved microwave highway which is charged at various transmission stations which super-charges the dynamics of the staplesium batteries and other compatible delivery systems. Also used as a celestial illuminoid, the sediment sometimes brightens up the region in which it is laid, displaying a very colorful light show in space.

Transpod Details

The transpods operate on the pulse engine concept, developed by the System Tapestry Authorities Consumer Technology Sector. Arely~Isiessi Engines ~liSupercorp was the commissioned to develop the first functional fleet model transpod, which operated on the same 'Selenium-Cesium Hypertrate' cells. The cells are approximately 40oz canisters that provide hypertrate injections for entering the treadway and conduct systems; which compensate the transpod's cell and central processing unit's output for hyperspeed of both Step Wave (Inter-Planetary) and Tython Wave (Inner-Solar System) capabilities.

Each transpod drivespan consists of these basic parts:

  • The Starter Battery- used to start the drivetrain and its hypertrate cells
  • The Engine Rearing Board- which holds all mechanical and para-kenetic parts and accessories
  • The Load Conduit Accentuator- the active anti-gravity component used to generate the transpod's recognition field
  • The Processor Node- a super-charged harddrive which serves as a Tuning Patch Environment (T-PE) processor for the lineage
  • The Amplifier Drive- a standard transpod amplifier used to produce conductive power for the programmable drivespan
  • The Transmission Overdrive- the backbone of the transpod, used to convey electrical and chemical material
  • The Suspension Navigation System- the central lineage navigation, ergonomic and life-support system for conduct travel

The first transpods only were produced in a single colonial-style model, later models since have been introduced in various regions with noticable differences in physical shape, while maintaining the original STA's design.

Aerospace Transpod Manufactures & Diagnostic Centers

Renda-Rosario 1.0

Transpod Dealer Billboard Ad (Runtime)

Almost all protectorate Supercorps produce transpods. Being that the host partitions sponsor the Laborforce's transpod fleets, almost all colonial settlement parties have them. The Diagnostic Centers for the transpods are operated by the Neural Signal Administration's Engineering Sector. Neural Signal was commissioned by the System Tapestry Authority to regulate space travel and known human-clone conditions that develop in spacecrafts if they were not monitored. Diagnostic centers are full service centers that supply hypertrate cells, starter battery re-charges, suspension alignment and other important areas.

Public Aeroparks & Tacqura Stations

The SIS commissioned the development of the inter-planetary highway system with the directive to establish exchange posts and semi-staples on the highways. The 'Aeropark' concept is based upon the solarstate boundry between two or more galactic statehoods. When accessing the new state or leaving the prior, travelers are greeted with the aeroparks and have an opportunity to land their transpods on the private decks. The aeroparks are operated by the SIS and each one has basically the same structure: a Spacestation; which serves as the main structure, a Traveler Center; (Inside the Spacestation) for planetary, galactic and inter-galactic destinations, an Aeropark Recreation Center; (Inside the Spacestation) for artificial landscape activities and recooperation, Private Landing Decks; (Outside Spacestation) a collection of up to 200 private hanger decks for individual transpods to land and recharge.(Starter Battery only), a Lighthouse; used by the Aeropark to guide its supplier crafts and maintenance fleet, an Emergency Shelter; usually a large fully stocked and board area that holds up to 2000 parties, and a Security Outpost; for SIS administrative business.

The ''Tacqura' is a more relaxed setting; they are defind as 'an inter-cultural consumer exchange and Tradepool, providing a fully operational inter-galactic post exchange station for its consumers. It is based upon the diversity of all of the SIS member statehoods ethinic processions exercising consumer relations by means of working inter-dependently within a single spacestation. The SIS only operates the coordinate system in which the stations occupy; private Supercorps sponsor the tacqura's shopping centers and food areas.

Environmental Impact

The Soloarcast streamwork has a very strong position on environment. In the advent of servicing break-throughs and sociological benchmarking, streamworking provides a broad variety of coverage for-

  • stature statehoods
  • trend living cosmopolitan statehoods
  • above poverty statehoods
  • poverty gridlock states
  • lower poverty gridlock states
  • euthanasia gridlock states
  • sufferance governance

The Solosphere hosts the SuperWikia Breakpeace, which promotes global peace by supporting the philanthropic and benevolent sciences. The Breakpeace is a compilation of orchestrals and symphonies which contribute works to SuperWikia & the Solosphere to compliment its repository of 3D artistry.

Solarcasting News Streamwork's Earth Governance Plan

As with most vertical environments, the SIS has established its Earth Governance platform to address diplomatic and environmental standards.
Class 6 Equipose Satellite

Defense Equipose Satellite System (DESS) jobbing a small moon

The palatial storyboard and plate techtonics of the plant Earth are preserved under treaty and recognized by the SIS in its 'Earthbred Expo'; a space museum on the wildlife, pioneers and scientific advances that came from planet Earth.
ArchCities Airway Systems

Standard ArchCities Airway Systems ~liSupercorp airliner


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