Solarstate Dataplate-

This page is designated for the SuperWikia 'Solarstates- Dataplate'; used as a factsheet for introductory knowledge on Galactic Statehoods and sub-government bodies. Defined as '...a statehood situated in or within the political boundaires and jurisdiction of a Galactic entity or government.'; the 'solarstate' is typically identified as being a grouping of planets and solar systems under a single flag.

This dataplate establishes the solarstate and its most basic component data. Its purpose is to support the buildup of SuperWikia or related storyboard materials by means providing generalized data to the reader.

Authors: Don't forget to be as detailed as possible when completing the dataplate. Add links to existing articles and pertinent information to increase your Proxeum or Guilds overall score.

Galactic Body Name
Solarstate Name
SIS Solarstate Factsheet Dataplate
Solarstate Terraformer: Name of Key Terraforming Supercorp
Base Weight: Approximate weight in megatons
Radius: Approximate radius from solarstate center
Area: Approximate area of total solarstate
Nautical Distance (Perimeter): Distance of travel on the perimeter
Diameter: Approximate distance from one border to another
Ore/Composition Concentration: Key element/metallic base constituient by percentage
Nearest Galactic Body: Closest Galactic body
Sea/Ocean/Water Distribution: Approximate number of habitable seas and or ocean
Terrain Distribution: Approximate number of land bodies, (Forests, Plains, Mountains, etc.)
Agricultural Land Distribution: Approximate number of pasturized and harvested land bodies
Plant Life Distribution: Major plant life geniuses and indigenous vegetation
Lifeform Distribution: Major animal life food chains and population
Environmental Climate Distribution: Average telicamology activity from planetary bodies
Space Defense System Distribution: SIS Space Defense service and protectorates
Space Staples: Major Space Station Complexes
Terragraphics: Number of terrabet formations
Airspace Allocation: Planetary airspace allocation for aircraft/spacecraft
Partitions: Number of countries
Localities: Number of Municipalities
Extensive Population Centers: Major and large demographic regions
Super-Solar Highways & Treadways: Major Solarstate highways and smaller treadways
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