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Subject MaterialEdit

This space is designated for the subject material of your article. It may contain a brief overview or outlay narrative of the issue or theme of the article, or may give detailed information to the reader that is vital to the development of the article. Authors: Use this page to edit and submit your SuperWikia Tourney Articles. When editing, remember to categorize your work and and citations.

(Tip: A typical SuperWikia Article may have up to at least 100 to 150 links to other dataplates or articles. You do not have to overload your article with exhibits. Use the SuperWikia dataplate library or a similar library created by your Proxeum or Guild to compile references for your links.)

You will want to get as detailed as possible when writing the subject material. Give all the important material about the issue and provide a barrage of different areas upfront. Use sub-topics instead of bullets if you feel more comfortable. Include the:

  • storyline,
  • theme at present,
  • all players and characters,
  • possible inhibitors or obstacles,
  • last recorded developments,
  • evidence and
  • support to prove your story's validity.

Mention any

  • bases, regions, arguemented areas, no-fly zones, disputed territories, opposition command posts, etc.
  • ranking officer stations, troops, admin and ambassadors, prime ministers, leaderboard members, executives, etc.
  • attack/assault campaigns,
  • negotiation conventions,
  • defense movements and reinforcement campaigns,
  • opposition stance at present and any
  • new commissions or advancements your proxeum or guild may be endorsing.

If you are writing about planets, make sure that the references are listed in the Planetarium.

Thumbnails & ExhibitsEdit

Supply any photos, images or galleries that you would like to showcase for the article. 
  • SuperWikia Logo Set 02 Add story, text, article, etc. to build up the image's impact and effect. Also; when using single images, remember to categorize each image. Single images can be resized to suit your article by using the pixel count needed. You may want to relocate the image to justify its position. Denote the position (Right, Center or Left) in the image's link.

When using galleries, you may want to add text to highlight your images. Apply text below the gallery to insure the reader can follow your article. Make sure that each image is cited and categorized. They are automatically sized and only the entire gallery may be positioned.

Area & LocationEdit

This section is for discussion of the Area & Location of your article. This may be a literal location or just a figurative area of the main theme. Area & Location issues may include:

  • Space Systems, Space Stations or Starfields
  • Terraforms & Planets
  • Architectural Structures
  • Pathways & Other Bodies of Water
  • Land, Landmarks, Landscapes or Fields
  • External Areas of Ships or In Orbit
  • Ships, Vessels or Cafts

The more specific your articles are on where the story unfolds, then the more details you will be able to extract links to other articles or exhibits. You may link as many articles as needed and the more links you create, the more points will be added to your overall score.

Other things you may want to include in your Area & Location section are:

  • Battlefields, Battlegrounds & Proving Grounds
  • Resorts & Retreats (Post Engagement)
  • Attack/Assault Bases
  • Neutral Zones
  • Defense Buffer Zones & Barriers
  • Organization Headquarters (Proxeum or Guild)
  • Negotiation Summits & Treaty Grounds

When building up your articles locations, remember to provide references for each. This adds to your article's consistency and credentials. You may also wish to use the 'reference' HTML tags to showcase your exhibits.

People & Other InfluenceEdit

This section is designated for 'People & Other Influences'. Articles generally include at least 5 characters and dominant influences in the central theme, try and include as many as would be needed. People & other influences are defind as anyone, character or being that is immediately involved in the protagonist Runtime progression of the story or article. That may include:

The important thing to highlight is the protagonist perspective, (or the 'good side' or virtue of the article). This should be built up through out the entire collection of articles which have the same theme or title. You may also use this as a leverage to support your Supermodel during tourney events.

When writing about people or influential supernumeraries, remember to give each a different personality trait, illustrating such traits in your Proxeum or Guild's dataplates for Supermodels, Characters or Entities.

Lead OppositionEdit

This section designated for the 'Lead Opposition' or opponent that you most frequently tourney against. This may include any definition of the phrase or a figurative incenuation. The primary objective of opposition writing is to gather as much data on the opposition as possible before making the final berth and bethrothal. This entails a simple 'Get in, Get Code, Get Out' philoshophy.

When writing about Runtime for opposing parties against your team or group, remember to always:

  • State the Current Conflict or Objectives. Who or what was involved and to what extent.
  • Take Inventory and List the Opposition's Historical Campaign. Write about their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Argue A Major Theme or Resolution (Against The Opposition). Mention parties, ways & means.
  • Prepare Exhibits or Evidence Against Opposition. Give a reference table or dataplate of evidence.
  • Let Your Reader Decide. Do not obstruct or hender a fair intereptation of the story(ies).
  • Establish Your Closing Arguement. Stories basically need a defender to convey truth. End your piece by supporting your statements.
  • Solve Any Pertainent Business. Usually, stories are joined to other stories. Solve how your main theme and sub-themes will benefit by posting your article.

Below are a few Realtime issues that writers should remember when doing opposition writing:

  • Build a Defense- It will help to create an initial aurgement or cause against the opposition.
  • Refer to Deficiencies- When examining your opponent's dataplates, see if the appropriate decal/endicia are installed.
  • Accountability- Time is essential during a heated aurguement. Check to see if any gaps in filings are relevant.
  • Niche Branding- Each time you examine a dataplate or exhibit, leave your signature; it adds points to your score.
  • Delegate Your Organization- Should you win your heat, you will have new obligations. Prepare a recovery plan.
  • Opposition Comparisons- Comparing your opponents against each other will give you leverage before and after heats.
  • Notice Improvements- When an opponent that you have defeated improves on their weaknesses, recognize and exonerate.

Although it is perfectly normal to use another member or group's dataplates, it is always a suggested to keep a balance of reading and writing within the storyboards as a whole. Using unedited or material that has not been screened is not suggested.

Explanation of DevelopmentEdit

Provide a simple Timeline and or Timestable of events and occurances from the original work and the current article. Be as detailed as possible and illustrate landmark occurances within the articles as a whole. Remeber to categorize any exhibits and provide a brief narrative on what to expect.


Proxeum Infobox LinkEdit

Exit Poll Link & RatingsEdit

Please visit this Proxeum/Guilds 'Exit Poll' and help evaluate their performance. Visit the Exit Poll

The source of the SuperWikia Rating System is a collective vote process of all members. Below each article is a rating link. Use this link 5 point star system to cast your ballot and select your favorite authors or groups.

SuperWikia 'Proxeum & Guild Switchboard'Edit

Below is a standard 'switchboard' used to give your members and readers a reference for each official SuperWikia interactive tourney graphics or ensignia that you might be using for the article. Simply place the correct graphics in the box(es) that you will be needing for the article.

SuperWikia Proxeum & Guild Switchboard'
Conforming Ensignia Options
Name of Proxeum or Guild
SuperWikia Datashield 25px
SuperWikia Lifeforce 25px
SuperWikia Responder Beacon 25px
SuperWikia Appellant Bulletin 25px
Superwikia Respondent 'Breach Alert' Endicia 25px
Superwikia 'Appellant Settlement' Decal 25px
SuperWikia BioStill Database Logo 25px
SuperWikia Spec Forces (Black Space Defense) 25px
SuperWikia Spec Forces (Navel Forces) 25px
SuperWikia Spec Forces (Reserves) 25px
SuperWikia Spec Forces- Air Defense 25px

Add all other pertinent interactive graphics as needed to complete your switchboard.

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