SuperWikia Standard Tutorial TemplateEdit

This page is designated for the Standard Tutorial Template used by most SuperWikia Proxiums and Guilds. Its intent is to provide users with a uniform means of submitting consistant and viable tutorials for public and author usage.

SuperWikia Tutorial DataplateEdit

This section is for the SuperWikia Tutorial Dataplate; a category classification for author submitted tutorials. It is used to inform users of the dataplate's standard components and technical components capabilities.

Standard Tutorial DataplateEdit

The most basic requirements for submitting a tutorial is its structured components. Listed here is the nomenclature of all required components:

SuperWikia Standard Tutorial Dataplate
Tutorial Name
Basic Tutorial Information
Studio Name: Name of Group or Proxeum/Guild that prepared the Tutorial
Tutorial Name: Name of the tutorial and its intent
Application Requirements: List all applications needed to create the final effect
Description: Provide a short narrative of the procedurals and a step chart for how each should be completed
Step One Narrative of steps and any needed details
Step Two Narrative of steps and any needed details
Step Three Narrative of steps and any needed details
Step Four Narrative of steps and any needed details
Lesson Examples
Description: Complete an example of the end effect and provide a link to it
Example (Modified): Link to other modified examples or end effects that can also be completed
Studio Disclaimer- State the extent of your group's liability and recognize any major contributors
Software Program ID Directory: Link to user's Software & Program ID Directory entry

Technical Tutorial DataplateEdit

A more technical version of the tutorial dataplate is posted here. Its purpose is to establish and recognize all software and applications used to produce the effect/outcome being discussed.

  • Studio Name-
  • Tutorial Name-
  • Applications Used-
  • PC Requirements-
  • Local Distributors-
  • Existing Client/Users-
  • Studio Disclaimer-
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