SuperWikia ‘Strategies’

This section is designated for SuperWikia ‘Strategies & Target Acquisition’. Its purpose is to give each member the ability to set tourney objectives, target specific areas and acquire positive results during each session.


Strategic CampaignsEdit

SuperWikia's Superior Session has two major different strategy disciplines,

The SuperWikia Aptitudinal Campaign is a discipline which establishes its truths and virtues (or TV) by means of non-destructive negotiating amongst its participants.

The SuperWikia Amplitudinal Campaign establishes its principles of progression (or POP) by means of destructive negotiating between parties.

Below are the links to the table of criterion for both:

Tracking Your DataplatesEdit

The SuperWikia Dataplate is the primary means of tourney point accumulation. It serves as the central processing unit for all articles submitted by your proxeum or guild. Use the dataplate when:

  • Serving a Superwikia 'Responder Beacon' EndiciaResponder Beacon
  • Exhibiting Images (BioStills, TerraStills, ShipStills, etc.)
  • Launching New Articles (Star Systems, Storyboards, etc.)
  • Preparing Superwikia 'Appellant Bulletin' DecalAppellant Decals.
  • Addressing Application & Software Program Identification
  • Template Data Support Updating
  • Showcasing Entire Supermodel Layouts & Galleries


During a competition, any portion of the participating competition’s user contributions maybe made subject to TV or POP examination. During the construction of your PREREQ profile, you have the option to elect which campaign you and or your proxeum will participate under. Targeting therefore is conducted when your TV or POP campaign is anchored at the user page of the opponent. Using dataplates, endicia and or markup, you acquire leverage positioning by targeting omissions of records and policy. During a large scale tour, you may chose to use an Ordnance Dataplate, which allows you to create a full arsenal of instruments. An example of an ordnance dataplate is shown below:

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